Tips on Designing Your Company’s Logo

Whether you are a new start-up or have been in business for years and want to rebrand, designing your company’s logo can be an exciting and challenging venture.


The first thing to consider is your brand. Your brand is more than just your company’s name or logo, it is the ideas, the values, and the concepts that are all incorporated into the big picture that makes your business unique. In many ways your logo will be the first impression customers have with your brand, so it is important that it is a good reflection of your organization.

To find inspiration you can look at look and at logos you admire and ask yourself why you like them. Another good tip is to think of a few adjectives that describe your business, like trustworthy, creative, fresh, wholesome, etc. This will give a good starting point as you launch into the design.


When it comes to designing a logo you can either do it yourself, or hire a professional to create it for you. Either way, you should keep some things in mind like shape, type, font, and color. When it comes to overall design simplicity is key. Your logo needs to look good on everything from business cards to billboards to feather flags. An easy to understand logo will translate the best across these different formats.

Keep in mind visual hierarchy. This means you want the most prominent information to be the most noticeable. For example, if you want to include a company name and slogan in your logo, the company name should be prominent, while the slogan secondary. You can decide whether your logo should be a symbol, a shape with words, or simply words themselves. Font decisions can come later, but should be no less carefully considered.


Now that you’ve designed a few logos or have narrowed down your options to a few choices it’s time to test them. If possible, have them printed on a few business cards or other items and compare. Remember that you will want to carry the colors and overall feel of the logo throughout the rest of your company’s design and marketing choices, so only choose a logo that you can work with in that regard. You can ask customers, friends, and coworkers to weigh in with their thoughts as well.

No matter how you design your new brand, you will have put your best effort in, and it will show. That way when people see billboards and feather flags with your new logo on it, they will want to know more and have a positive association with your logo and your company.

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