Update Your Bathroom with a New Cabinet

If you’ve hesitated to update your bathroom because you think it would involve a major renovation project, it’s time to rethink the process. Bathrooms don’t have to be large to be luxurious, so reconsider knocking down a wall and instead focus on what you have. Good design is essential in a small space and you need to make every square foot work overtime. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a wall mounted vanity. It can provide ample storage without taking up a large amount of space. There is a wide variety of styles and costs, so here are some things to consider when choosing new modern bathroom cabinets:

What to Look For

With so many styles and price points from which to choose, you might feel overwhelmed, but there are some key components that you should insist on regardless of whether your budget can only accommodate melamine or if you can go all out and spring for a European style cabinet in maple. Look for a unit that has full overlay doors mounted to a sturdy cabinet, eliminating the center wood piece. If you can eliminate framework, you will be able to have more storage and easier access. Drawers should have dovetail joints, and be soft-closing. If you’re in the market for a wood cabinet, make certain the grain is vertical for the doors, but horizontal for drawers. If your choice is fiberboard, make certain it is ultra dense and certified non-toxic. Bring paint samples or spare bathroom tiles from your existing bathroom in order to match your new cabinet to existing elements in the room.

What Else to Consider

Work with a company who offers design services. Take ¬†your rough scale drawing to a store and let them help you determine the best type of cabinet for your space. Talk to them about what is already in the bathroom in terms of tile, flooring, fixtures, and the like, in order for them to steer you in the right direction. You want a cabinet that will blend into what’s already there and look as if it belongs. Keep in mind that choosing a cabinet that has a painted front will add a pop of color, but might become dated over time. Wood finishes add a modern yet warm finish, and adding color can be done with towels and accessories. These are some things to keep in mind when choosing modern bathroom cabinets.

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