Upholstery Options in New York City

Getting the right upholsterer in New York City involves weighing a number of options. But finding exactly what you need in NYC upholstery services requires three key things: design expertise; exceptional craftsmanship; attentive customer service. Read further here about these items and what you should do to get exactly what is needed for your project.

Design Expertise

Design is one of those interesting areas right in the middle of art and craft. While you can imagine it, designing it is another thing entirely. Starting with the furniture item itself, then the fabric options, then the period inspiring the piece, and of course including the desires of the client, the influences on a design are many. There is a world of difference between a mid-century modern loveseat and a Victorian loveseat, and that will include the choices of fabric and colors as well.


To the untrained eye, an upholstered chair looks like a wooden frame, maybe with soft arms and a fat cushion resting on it. The reality is that underneath the cloth or leather covering is potentially an intricate series of layers of fabric, padding, springs, and more tacked in place. Seats, backs, and armrests are made just-so, perhaps tufted, with decorative rivets and robust stitching holding scrolled and curved shaped elements together in one harmonious presentation of an attractive but functional whole. The ability to bring this all together in an attractive, usable, and durable package is the definition of craftsmanship.

Customer Service

Looking for custom upholstery in NYC requires working with knowledgable and empathetic people. It’s one thing to go shopping for champagne on a beer budget, but assuming everyone is bringing realistic expectations to the conversation, setting those expectations is one of the most important outcomes. It’s incumbent on the purchaser to check ratings, look hard at the web site, and ask others about their experiences with the upholsterer. With this information, and including things like photos or examples from magazines, it should be possible to lay out what would be an optimum solution. For the upholsterer, understanding exactly what is being requested and how long it will take to make it are the places where these discussions need to start.

Bringing design, craftsmanship, and customer service together to meet a client’s expectation is not always the easiest thing to do, but a successful, established NYC upholstery service will do all of that, and more for a client.

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