Using Metal Panels as Wall Decorations

Paintings are fine decorations for your walls. But, they don’t exactly stand out. Everyone seems to have an acrylic nature scene hanging in their living room or a sailboat in their bathroom. If you want a wall decoration that will stand out, laser cut metal panels are the way to go. They’re unique decorations that will stand out more than a painting ever could.

Fits Several Styles

Since the panels are laser cut, they’re precise and sharp, which is perfect for a modern space. They’re perfect as a small bit of flair in an otherwise minimalistic room. More complex rooms can also be a perfect place for a simpler panel. You can even put decorative screen panels outside. Just make sure you choose a metal that will fare well against the elements.


There are many premade designs to choose from in several different styles. Geometric shapes and patterns look great in modern rooms. More abstract shapes are perfect for a room that doesn’t have much else going on. There are also designs that feature natural objects like trees and leaves. If you decide you want a unique pattern, you can create your own and have it printed on a panel.


There are also many several colors to choose from. Metal panels come in the usual metal grays, naturally. But, they can also come in darker shades of most regular colors and even some brighter shades. You can match the color of the panel to the color of a piece of furniture in the room it will be placed in. You could also choose a contrasting color to make it look more interesting. The panel could also be a splash of color in a room that’s black and white. If your walls aren’t white, you can find a color that will look interesting with the walls. For example, putting a yellow panel on lavender walls will give you an aesthetically pleasing contrast. A pink panel on those lavender walls could work as well since the colors go well together.

Laser cut metal panels are a unique way to decorate any wall. Combining a unique and interesting pattern with an eye-catching color will make the panel the focal point of any room. It can add a bit of drama to the popular minimalistic style. Or, it can fit in nicely with a modern room while still standing out. It can even take your boring patio and make it look more interesting while also adding some extra privacy to your yard.

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