What Are Various Ways to Sell Your Mobile at A Pawn Shop

There can be several reasons to sell your mobile at any pawn shop. Getting extra money is a common reason to sell your phone to them. Not all pawn stores will instantly accept your proposal. You need to perform research and find the right pawn store to sell your mobile phone. We are telling you a few ways by which you can sell your mobile to them.

Uncertain value

There are certain items that have a less disputable and clearer value to them. Due to this reason, there are several pawn shops that can easily accept jewelry items in silver, gold, and precious metals. There are very less chances for its value to diminish over time.

Selling a cell phone is different. As they are high-end smartphones and technologies witnesses changes every other day, this makes them their value uncertain and so most of the pawn shops hesitate to accept them.

Steps to pawn your cell phone

To be able to sell your used cell phone to a pawn shop successfully, we are sharing with you a series of steps. You need to perform all these steps before you get inside a pawn shop.

  • Back up all the essential data if you have not already performed it. This includes taking a backup of your messages and photos.
  • Encrypt the data present on the phone if possible.
  • Perform a comprehensive factory reset, and ensure to eliminate all your personal information.
  • Remove your cellphone from services such as “Find My iPhone” and “Android Device Manager” so that it no longer tries to trace the location.
  • Take note of your precise make and model number of the mobile phone that you would want to pawn. This includes specific version, storage capacity and the carrier that it belongs to.
  • Look at the phone nos. of the local pawn stores in your area.
  • Call and confirm the pawn store in advance to know who are willing to accept your cell phone. This is because not all stores are keen to buy your mobile phone. That will be waste of time, energy and money.
  • Perform thorough research to find out “market value” for your cell phone. You can look how cellphones that look identical or similar to your used phone.
  • Reach the pawn store with your photo ID proof and be ready to negotiate.

How to get maximum value on selling your cell phone?

Have a clear expectation of how much money do you expect from them. This is important when you are pawning your phone and not intend to sell it.

  • Unlocked phones are more worthy as compared to phones that are locked to the carriers.
  • Collect as many of its original accessories as possible. This includes the original retail box. It would be great if you have it to increase your chances of getting it sold to them.
  • Ensure that it is in the best condition. Any cracks or damages can reduce its worth.


The above-mentioned tips that would help in improving your possibility to get as much money as you can for it.

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