Vintage Inspired Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage is a main area of interest for anyone redecorating or renovating their home. There are many storage solutions out there and one of the most fashionable and user-friendly options at the moment is to use vintage designs.

Vintage Inspired Kitchen Storage

Vintage inspired kitchen storage solutions include old school cabinets and shelving units along with smaller items, such as cup holder hooks and letter racks. Most modern day items have a vintage version, which has a more retro appeal aesthetically, so you should usually be able to add a touch of vintage to your kitchen whatever your storage needs.

Vintage Mail Sorters

Mail sorters are wooden structures that hang on the wall and have lots of small ‘cubby’ holes for letters. These are ideal for a kitchen wall for storing small items such as milk jugs, single cups, gravy boats and other items. You could even use them for condiments such as sauces, chutneys and jams if you prefer not to keep those in the fridge.

Pictures and Racks

Vintage pictures look great in the kitchen and there are many to choose from. You can also give a modern picture a vintage feel by placing it in a retro frame. Metal or wooden display racks can also look great in the kitchen and these can have lots of spaces for cups, tea towels and other items.


It is a good idea to use shelving to add storage space in any kitchen. Shelving solutions including light duty shelving from experts such as offer an easy and practical way of storing all kinds of items in any location around the home or garage.


Vintage suitcases have a glamorous feel to them as you can imagine a 1940s film with the protagonist heading off on a train trip! You can hang vintage suitcases on the wall as innovative cupboards offering storage space with retro appeal. Simply add hooks to the bottom to hang tea towels or mugs. You can also find interesting ideas for innovative kitchen storage solutions online, such as this article from the BBC.

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