Warranties: An Umbrella for a Rainy Day

Let’s face it: accidents happen. Modern day computers and technology have made great innovations in the last few decades when it comes to their durability, though even the best improvements can’t prevent life’s little hiccups, whether it’s a sudden power surge or water leak that shuts down several pieces of hardware, a hacking attempt or software bug that scrambles all your data into an incomprehensible mess, or even something as bizarre as an intense collision that destroys your entire server. With everything that could go wrong, however, there’s a warranty in place that can help make things right. Here are a few ways in which a Dell server warranty can save you from a mountain of hassle and stress.

Speedy Replacement and Repair

Every Dell server warranty includes a limited amount of time in which repairs and replacement parts come at no charge at all, which can easily be doubled through plan upgrades. Professional mechanics and technical geniuses can come right to your office to take a look at your server, diagnose the damage, and find a replacement piece to fix the issue. Many common issues can be fixed in just one day, letting you get back to work with a refreshed state of mind. Others may require unique parts that may have to be special ordered, though some express warranty options grant overnight shipping in order to expediate the repair process and let you get right back on your feet.

Hard Drive Conservation

The hard drive works as the brain of any computer, and thus it’s ultimately the most valuable part in a server. If it experiences any permanent damage, any data logged onto the system can be lost forever, forcing you to start all over and lose precious time in recovering enough data to maintain your business. Thankfully, though, there are several warranty options that allow a hard drive backup service, meaning that all your data is safely preserved in the extreme case of any hard drive failure. It’s much like a safety net during a trapeze act, allowing you to pick yourself up and dust off the rush of an unintended free fall.

Customizable Plans

One size does not fit all, so the warranties are made to be flexible to your financial means and your needs. Sometimes a simple warranty package is all a business needs to start building their efficiency and profits, while others may prefer full coverage for their servers and their businesses. The amount of coverage you’ll receive and how much you’ll consequently pay is entirely up to you.

Overall, having a warranty is the perfect solution to any problem that life throws at you. Check out the available dell server warranty online today.

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