Work for People with Disabilities is Possible

Many people, with varying degrees of physical, mental/intellectual, and sensory disabilities, from hearing or visual impairment to Down’s syndrome and Autism. They rely heavily on social security disability benefits, yet they have skills or are more than capable of learning skills that can help make them contributing members of society. Ticket to Work can help assist people with all levels and types of disabilities to find work or go back to school. Here are 3 benefits of ticket to work programs.

Excellent Assistance for Qualified Recipients

Ticket to Work for people with disabilities uses work incentives and benefits social security can offer for recipients, between the ages of 18-64 and receives SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) disability checks, who want to work or go to school. All of your employment and medical information will be kept track of for as long as wages are reported. You can receive work support payments and your employers will get a substantial tax benefit for hiring you, creating a win-win situation for both. You will get helpful instructions on how to get started and the costs for training, transportation, and any assistance devices used during work or school are all covered.

Medicare/Medicaid Benefits Won’t Be Lost

While using Ticket to Work, You will continue to keep your Medicare/Medicaid while you work or go to school, as long as you still receive SSI benefits. Work Incentives can also help you continue medical coverage after you start earning enough to stop receiving SSDI payments. And even if you stop receiving SSI benefits, you may still be eligible to continue receiving extended medical coverage through Work Support Payment, under Section 169(b) of the Social Security Act. You can also receive expedited reinstatement of benefits for 6 months through Social Security, if they were ended due to earnings received from work.

Your Progress Is Maintained Professionally

ticket to work disability  keeps track of your completion of school and or work goals through Timely Progress. This will help you and SSA keep track of goals such as signing up for and attending classes or getting and keeping a job. You need to assign your Ticket to Work to an EN every 12 month, after which you will receive a Timely Progress Review. You can also use the program if you are self-employed, but the income won’t be counted until IRS data showing your earnings for the year (after taxes) or the beneficiary has reported earnings that have been verified by SSA.

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