The #1 Way to Advertise Your Business

Commercials are a thing of the past. With streaming sites, DVR, and Firesticks, television commercials have become obsolete. Rarely does anyone ever sit through a commercial unless they are the first few advertisements of the Super Bowl, and those spots cost millions of dollars. Billboards are few and far between and marketing emails usually get sent straight to a junk folder. So how are you supposed to advertise your services if you cannot get a word in through any of the tried and true methods?

The new way of advertising is in: flag banners. They are smaller than billboards, but larger than a cardboard sign you can stick in the ground. Here are just a few perks of using flag banners to boost your business.

Cost Effective

Do you ever see those dancing sign holders, standing out on a street corner twirling a sign? While they may look cool for the half second you drive by them, that is labor you must pay for plus the sign itself. Without the labor, you can put the money towards multiple signs that can withstand rain or shine.


All the banners do not have to look alike. You can order banners that stray from a traditional rectangle and draw attention with a fun windblown, sleek look or a teardrop banner. With no color restrictions, you can also make the banner completely your own. Whether you want to put a logo on the banner or your company’s name, your graphic choices are all up to you.


Why put your money into a few cardboard signs that will crumble at the sign of weather? With your custom vinyl banner, you can advertise your services all summer and winter long.


Instead of being permanently fixed like a billboard, swooper flags can be packed up and taken to different locations whenever you feel it is necessary. These banners can get all over town and spread the word about your business if you choose to move them and come with travel bags to keep them safe while on the go.

If you believe in your product, then you should get other people to believe in it to. By advertising with swooper flags, you are showing your potential customers that you put effort into your services and you are proud to put them on display. It will increase your credibility and convince you that flag banners are the future of advertising.

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