3 Keys for Effective Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a powerful tool for businesses. It comes in many forms, such as billboards, feather flags, posters, and banners. If you’re planning to use these materials to promote your company, learnfirst how they can give you the best returns. Here are 3 tips on how to maximize your OOH marketing initiatives.

Design Carefully

No matter how many billboards, bus ads, or custom flags you put up, you won’t get any returns if your marketing materials look unattractive. So, it’s crucial to master the art of designing advertisements.

Choose hues that are consistent with your brand as they’ll increase recognition. Note that the font colors usedshould be in contrast with the background to stand out.

Select fonts carefully, as well. Since people only have around 3-5 seconds to read the text on your flag or poster, use legible typefaces. Examples include Arial, Futura, and Helvetica. Consider theirsize on your ads, too. For good readability, your design should have 40% content and 60% white space.

Finally, keep each line of text to 3 words or less. Adding long sentences makes outdoor advertisements ineffective because they take a while to process. Conveying one clear message is the key. If you need to add more information, print multiple designs, and display them one after the other, so potential customers can understand each message.

Advertise Online and Offline

Combining print and digital advertising is an effective marketing tactic. In fact, 4 in 10 adults have visited a brand’s social media page after seeing an outdoor ad, according to a survey.

For this to work, you need to use all your channels to drive the same message. Any ad you have on banners, flyers, or billboards needs to be reflected on your website and social media pages.

Choose the Right Location

Placing feather flags, banners, or posters in an area where they can grab the most attention is crucial. Visit every prospective location, and observe the potential traffic of your ads.

Many outdoor marketing materials are displayed in places where people can easily purchase or ask about the product or service being advertised. If you have a brick-and-mortar store at a mall, setting up banners at the entrance would bea great idea.

Note that expensive, high-traffic locations aren’t your only options. If you study your target demographic, you’ll get ideas on where to place outdoor advertisements. For instance, setting up several custom flags around the perimeter of an oval track is clever for a brand that sells athletic gear. Putting up promotional materials in areas like these will also let you spend less on ad space, compared to paying a considerable amount for displaying billboards on a highway.

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