3 Ways to Upgrade Your Yard on a Budget


If you have a small budget but big hopes, you can transform your yard in just a few steps in time for spring. Here’s how.


Now is the time to shop for plants, just before the peak season gets into full swing for spring. Gaining new plants doesn’t mean you have to spend a dime. You can ask for cuttings and seeds from friends and neighbors. If you want a low maintenance and versatile approach to gardening, consider using large pots and planters rather than a flower bed. Choose a variety of plants that will bloom at different points throughout the year, so you will have constant interest and appeal.

Choosing plants that are native to your area is a good way to save money on the purchase price and ensure that the species will be hearty and healthy in its environment. An insider tip is that perennials are plants that will only need to be planted once to continue blooming and regrowing each year. This means they are a one-and-done design choice, saving you money and time in the future.


Instead of spending your budget on new landscaping, you can give your existing concrete a fresh new look with a few simple steps. First and foremost you should clean it and remove any clutter. Next, you can repair any damages that have occurred over the harsher winter months by using products specifically designed for concrete slab crack repair.

A final touch is to seal the concrete. This will help protect it from staining and spills. This can be inexpensive if you choose the right solutions and consider applying it yourself.

Extra Touches

Lighting can do a great deal to upgrade the look of your outdoor space. You can install solar powered lights along paths, walkways, and near doors and gates. You can find new outdoor lighting fixtures on sale, or clean and polish the ones you already have. Installing energy efficient light bulbs is a good way to save on utility costs.

If you have some spending money left over furniture can be a great addition to your yard and patio. You can repaint and renovate pieces you find at thrift stores and garage sales. Add these pieces with some fun throw pillows, and a freshly restored path using concrete slab crack repair, and you have a fun and engaging way to enjoy the outdoors this spring.

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