Best Online Marketing Tips for Lawyers

You can find countless marketing strategies online but it is different for every firm. Marking for lawyers can’t be compared to every other industry because there are some boundaries they can’t cross. Still, we have the internet which a perfect platform to spread the word about yourself and your work. This doesn’t mean that you are advertising directly but can just attract people in noticing you which can be very beneficial in such a competitive market.

It just takes a few clicks to find the best tips online and also a law firm marketing guide reveals top online strategies for attorneys. Everyone can become a marketing expert if they are determined enough but it takes a lot of time so people decide to hire a company to do the job for them especially lawyers. It’s important to know that the ways marketing is done is changing constantly so you need to stay updated.

Create Your Blog

Blogs are the perfect thing, not only to attract people but also to improve your Google ranking. You shouldn’t focus on promoting your success instead you can talk about everyday struggles of lawyers and unusual cases that will be interesting to readers. Even if you have a lot of experience as a lawyer, you don’t need to be writing it yourself because there are plenty of interesting cases online.

The second good part about blogs is that it will be connected with your main website where people can contact you about their case. People are becoming more educated and they can notice when certain advertising is click-bait so implementing true stories that will gain their attention is something that increases your traffic.

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Website Details

Details matter the most now and you have to be careful at every part of the website. That’s why you need to hire a great designer and also a behavioral designer that knows what will make clients call you. The behavioral designer is something that is becoming more popular over the years because Google is starting to recognize how users interact with your website which will affect your ranking.

Something that you can see on most visited attorney websites is a call to action. This means that you will have a highly visible window where you can put your information in to get a consultation or even better, free consultation. If your website rank is good and someone visits it and sees that you provide a free consultation, there is a high chance they will make the call.

Another thing to look for is the usage of AI. Many websites are starting to implement smart technology that will answer all the questions of future clients. It has been used for a long time but now we have advanced technology where you can’t figure out if you are talking to a real person or a bot. Everything mentioned needs to be well-optimized for mobile phones. The numbers of mobile users compared to PC or laptop users is ridiculous so the design needs to be mainly for phones.

Submit Your Website to Local Directories

Most clients that you will have will be local and this means that they will look for a local lawyer. The problem is that you will need to be everyone in order to get noticed. Many websites exist just to inform people about local lawyers and their address so make sure you are on every website that is connected to the law in your area. Your website shouldn’t be ranked because manipulation can happen by other people that want to push a lawyer to the top.


Make a Brand

Making a brand is the perfect recipe for long-term but it also takes a lot of time and effort. If you don’t have a firm that means that you are creating a brand out of yourself. This will mean a lot because you will be able to promote everything you do besides law.

For the start, you can do social media and LinkedIn to expose yourself to a wider audience. You won’t be able to make a brand if you are not good at your job. So, it may be something that you can work on later when you know you can beat everyone.



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