Bring More People into Your Store

If you have ever sat in your store and watched people walk by it without even glancing in, you may have wondered what you need to do to get their attention. People are distracted by their phones, traffic, and hunger as they go down the sidewalk in front of your business. Worse is when there’s no one on the street and you can’t close up because you’ve committed to being open. There’s nothing you can do but wash the displays cases again and pray that something happens to relieve the boredom. What do you do to attract attention and get people into your store? There are several things you can do including events, a change of atmosphere, and feather flags.

Holding an Event

Do you sell items that people need to learn to use or need to learn to use better? If so, you have the perfect event already set up for you. Set up a master class on how to use whatever it is you sell. If your items are a little more complicated or don’t lend themselves easily to demonstrations and classes, you may need to do something adjacent. A store that sells gardening equipment may not be able to take customers to a garden plot and teach them skills, but it can bring in an author to talk about gardening, how it affects life-quality or cities, and what to do to get started or do it better.

Taking Advantage of Events

If you’ve ever been in a local downtown where there’s an amazing evening event but none of the stores are open, you know what kind of opportunity those stores are passing up. When the city works to bring more people into the area, you should consider staying open longer or opening outside your normal hours. If the farmers’ market starts at 8am, maybe your business should open around that time, too (earlier if you offer breakfast options). You need to know when the events are taking place and how they may affect traffic near your shop.

Changing It Up

Depending on how your store is laid out, you may want to make a place where people can get together to talk about their purchases. Game shops have places for people to play games. If you can create the same kind of atmosphere and a community that makes sense for your shop, you will have a gold mine that will keep your business earning money even in lean times. Maybe, you have that and you need to let people know that it exists. Feather flags can help you tell people what you offer while providing an eye-catching, festive atmosphere.

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