How to Choose the Most Appropriate Wax

Currently, both men and women are accustomed to removing unwanted hairs from their bodies. Some of the challenges that come with various hair removal techniques include the rashes, pain, and allergic reactions. People also have a problem when it comes to determining the most appropriate wax to use. Don’t worry even if you are visiting the waxing salon for the first time or shifting from shaving, epilators, and creams to waxing. This article will guide you on how to make a wise choice of the best wax type to use.

  • Know the Process

Going for waxing is an excellent decision but you must understand its limitations. The mustache is not similar to what you experience after shaving but there is a higher risk of in-grown hair after waxing. It is advisable to apply body lotion that has lactic acid such as DCL HP Lotion as it will help in eliminating follicular plugs. You also have to allow the hair to grow out before you do the waxing. Try your level best to minimize the amount of trauma you expose your skin to.

  • The Waxing Areas Matters

It is advisable to do a patch test if you will be waxing any body part for the first time. The stomach, back, legs, and arms may not be so sensitive but it is tricky to apply wax on the bikini line or your face. In fact, you need to shy away from face waxing as it can result into skin ailments. Some people like to go for laser hair removal for bikini area and Brazilian waxing because it has a lower risk of painful ingrown hairs.

However, you can still wax this area as long as you choose a reputable waxing center such as The most important thing is to make sure that the waxing is done in an appropriate manner. You can apply waxing in smaller patches in this area and then apply large amounts of baby oil so as to soften the area. Honey wax serves well for sensitive areas as it is easy to pull off the strips with the hairs.

  • Be Choosy

Do some background checks especially if the salon you are visiting has a broad range of choices. The most popular one is the traditional honey or hard wax as it seems to be cheaper than the other options. Some salons also like the Italian flavored wax and it comes in various flavors such as vanilla and chocolate. The wax should not be too hot and this helps in removing in-grown hairs and tan.

Some of the components of hot wax include bees wax and honey among others. You can use fabric strips to remove the hair. Hard hair that has the same consistency can be taken off by hand. It costs less and works well for sensitive skin. On the other hand, flavored wax like Aloe Vera, chocolate, and milk is costlier but highly advisable when dealing with sensitive skin. You can create homemade wax by heating lemon juice, sugar, and honey if you want to give an excellent treat to your sensitive skin.

Remember post and pre-care especially if you are applying wax from your home. Make sure the hair in the region is long enough so as to avoid the idea of hair ingrowth. The wax may not work if your skin has some moisture and you can use baby powder to dry the surface. Be keen to apply oil that often comes with the was after you are done with the treatment. You can also top post-wax the skin with the aid of any floral-accented, mild oil.

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