Why You Should Consider Oncology as a Profession

Many people choose to pursue a career in the medical field in order to not only gain a solid salary, but also to help others. One of the reasons many people choose a career in oncology is the likelihood of finding a position in a variety of cities and the possibility of procuring a decent salary is not difficult. An oncologist is a medical doctor who provides medical care and treatment for those diagnosed with cancer. An oncologist can work with a variety of age groups. If you’re considering a position in oncology, there are a few aspects that to you should be aware of. This includes job prospects, the potential salary, how you’ll be helping others and ways you’ll be continuously learning.

Job Prospects

Due to the high prevalence of people being diagnosed with cancer, the field of oncology is rapidly growing. If a person chooses to work in oncology, there are three areas they’re likely to work in. These areas include radiation, surgical, and medical. An oncologist can find work in most cities, however they’re more likely to find a higher-paying job and a larger city with a bigger population.

Salary and Benefits

Depending on whether the oncologist chooses to have their own private practice or to work for a facility, their salary is quite similar. An oncologist is likely to earn anywhere between $250,000 to $450,000 per year. Most salaried positions offered to oncologist include benefits such as life insurance, health insurance, paid time off for illness, bonuses, and paid vacation time.

Helping Others

Most medical professionals get into the field in order to provide care for those in need. Oncologists work with people who have been diagnosed with cancer, therefore they’re working with a special population with sensitive needs. A skilled oncologist can deliver treatment information and options with tact and sensitivity to match the needs of their patients. Oncologists can provide a great deal of information and help put their patients at ease.

Continuous Learning

Due to the rapid changes in technology and in the medical field, it’s important for those working in oncology to stay up-to-date with this information. This can be done by seeking out accredited oncology CME or oncology CME credits at a university or by working with a facility that offers this. These continuing education credits can also be obtained through conferences and workshops provided to those in this field.

If you aren’t deciding on a career in the medical field, you may want to consider oncology. Oncology is a rapidly growing field that offers many job prospects, a competitive salary, a chance to help others, and the ability to continuously build on skills by seeking out oncology CME courses.

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