How to Detect Fake Escort Advertisement?

It is not too difficult to identify real escort from the fake one and also the fake escort advertisement. These fakers are only interested in your money. Don’t give them any chance.

Usually such scammers are good in masquerading or copying what real providers do. Even those escorts who try to misrepresent about their look or their services are considered a stain in this industry. So, you must know how to identify the difference.
Any genuine escorts providers like Lovesita usually found by all genuine clients will set themselves little apart online in many ways, if you only know what you are looking for:

• Ads of real escort will be up-to-date with full details, particularly details of the way you must approach them for your date.

• All genuine escorts will provide multiple numbers of clear photos, or provide a link to see more clear photos with up-to-date information.

• All professional providers usually operate locally and in case they are touring then advertise any specific dates

• Any independent high-end escorts will avoid sexual conversations prior to meet genuine clients

Any fake escorts or scam ads will typically include:

• Blurry or unclear photos
• Few broken links to any unrelated websites
• Email accounts that is deleted
• Disconnected phone number
• Just couple of photos
• Same photo is listed everywhere with no particular dates
• The provider looks too good to be true and offering everything at cheapest price
• Poor grammar and spelling with very little written text
• Sexy-talk in email to incite emotions

Google search listings that is fake are written by scammers can mislead people to those pages that may not be the same that is listed on your search. Leave such sites immediately to avoid getting scammed.
Here’s a few examples to show how it’s done

Let us begin with this complaint where a guy wrote something about bait-and-switch action that you can see also see on website

Step 1

Do not believe what you have read. This will be the first step as it is most essential.

Step 2

Check links as well as phone number. You may find that the link to this ad is not active, however phone number has a viewable ad

Step 3

Check the ad and try to read it for any clues of being Red Flag or Genuine Escort. You may find following red flags in the ad which is referenced in this rip-off-report:

• Very little information on provider
• No exact details how you can approach for date
• No option for text/email. Remember, any genuine escorts will always like to be found

You may probably end up with many numbers of red flags then why waste your time.

This may take just two to three minutes to do all this. Also, you can visit to any scam ad and check for yourself. Many of you may not have the similar opinion.

Actually, this guy must have taken the pain to warn many other people, and you must agree. You cannot justify anything. However, had it been your own money, then you would hold onto your cash based on actual red flags alone.

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