Discover the Health Benefits of Authentic Japanese Food and Use Them in your Diet

Traditional Japanese cuisine consists of rice grains and miso soup blended with various other side dishes. There can be numerous side dishes like pickled vegetables, fish, sushi, sashimi, beef etc. Often they are grilled, deep fried or served raw.  Japanese cuisine is completely dependent on seafood. Compared to other countries Japanese intake of fish is more. There are many spices, sauces and herbs used to season dishes. This not only makes the dish tastier but healthy as well.

There are many countries that have imported the Japanese cuisine. For example, Makizushi Californian rolls are globally famous in US. The first two Japanese restaurants in US were Nippon and Saito. With time, there have been many other restaurants which are renowned for their Japanese authenticity. Some of the popular items in US are sashimi, teriyaki, and sushi. Vail which is a tourist destination in Eagle County, situated in Colorado, is well-known for its culture. Whether it is winter or summer, the municipality is ready with various events, sports activities and music concerts.

Since there are even international tourists who visit the city, therefore the ambience of the city has been structured accordingly. Various hotels, restaurants and clubs are made keeping in mind different cultures and lifestyle of international tourists. Even Japanese, Chinese who are particular with their taste can enjoy their food in well-known sushi restaurant Vail, like Matsuhisa. This restaurant was opened in 2011 by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. With beautiful sight of Vail Mountain and urban setting one can feel at home while dining here.

Japanese food is highly nutritious because they prefer eating less spicy, but nutritional food.  Most of their food contains seafood or fish which is highly beneficial for skin and body. Here are some benefits of Japanese cuisine –

  • It is high in protein because they eat fresh fish instead of meat. This reduces the chances of heart attack as well as increases the life span of an individual.
  • Fish contains good quantity of Omega3 Fatty acid which is good for heart, brain, skin and arteries and collagen.
  • Most of the Japanese food contains soy in seed or sauce version. This helps in reducing the rate of heart attack as well as balances blood pressure.
  • After lunch or dinner Japanese drink at least one cup of green tea which helps in digesting food and removing oil that stuck in food pipe. Since green tea has less amount of caffeine, it also helps in insomnia.
  • Buckwheat flour is low in fat and carb, good for digestive system and makes you feel full even after intake of small quantity. It is commonly used in Japanese dishes like bread and noodles because it also increases RBCs.

Japanese believe in quality and not quantity, therefore they eat in small portions and in chew slowly to enjoy every flavor. It is known since decades that if we chew our food properly, it digests well without giving any intestinal problem. However, in modern times, people have become so busy that they don’t have time to enjoy food. Unlike Americans, Japanese eat healthy food and not burgers and pizzas, which is the main reason for various health issues and obesity.

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