Do You Know About the History and Origin of Chillum?

Chillum has been around for a very long time and people used chillums for smoking tobacco or hashish. It was usually made with neutral materials like mud or wood.

If you to try tracing the history, it can be seen that people of India and Nepal were using chillum since long time back. These pipes were the tool which was commonly used by Sadhus and other Hindu holy men.

These holy men smoked during various rituals and prayers in the form of offering and to get spiritual connection with Lord Shiva, who is known to be the God of tobacco.

In South America too, chillum-shaped pipes were found, which suggests that the practical design of chillum were used by several cultures, where there was interest in cultivation of tobacco.

Later, in Jamaica during the 1930s, the Rastafari culture originated and this tool was also used for spiritual use and smoking with it, in order to get elevation, to come closer to God.

They further evolved it by joining chillum with coconut/clay sphere as water pipe, and thus creating the Chalices.

Now you can also buy chillum from online smoke shop and Express is one of the well-known suppliers of such chillum.

The size of chillum is also another important factor for good smoking experience. Normally, shorter the size of Chillum the hotter will be the smoke, which you can inhale. Any longer pipes may cool down all the smoke, much before you can inhale it.

Therefore, people choose the size of chillum that will be perfect for their smoking experience. For novice smokers, shorter chillums will not be recommended because they will not be able to hold it when it is too hot.

Therefore, it needs a little practice for smoking chillum properly. Any 6 to 7-inch size chillum will be perfect for a beginner to try their hands on smoking it.

Those who have enough experience in smoking can easily handle a standard 4.5” pipe, which will offer you a good hot hit too. Hence, many experienced smokers prefer short ones.

Extraordinary variations of the chillum

With time, you can now find many extraordinary variations of these chillums. People are quite inventive and can carve disposable chillums by using carrots or organic radishes.

This can be a good idea, as it can also offer smoking with an interesting flavor. Few others also make arty chillums that are quite fascinating.

A street artist – Darrel Pipeman Mortimer, from San Francisco had made almost 10,000 number of chillums since 1970. All these were signed and sold personally too.

These days, another new variation of chillum has come up where the tobacco is smoked through a glass made smoking pipes, which is called as bongs.

Now chillums have been improved a lot and come a long way from those created using animal horns and also wood. However, you can also come across few carved bamboos of old-school chillums, and also such one-hitters created with glass.

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