Don’t Let Your Air Conditioning Affect Your Health – Tips On Improving Indoor Air Quality!

With the overwhelming humidity and heat, we can’t even imagine our lives without a reliable air conditioning at home and our workplace as well. We just turn it on whenever the temperature around us starts getting uncomfortable, isn’t it?

However, did you know that a poorly maintained or very old air conditioning units can actually be harmful than being any good? In fact, such ACs can become a reason for certain health issues that may include respiratory conditions too. Nevertheless, there are some simple ways to minimize such risks and get the best benefits out of air conditioning. Before exploring these ways, let us first know what can cause bad air quality in our home!

Can AC unit cause bad air quality in our home?

Well, the answer is yes. The following are some of the ways in which a poor AC unit can actually be a reason behind poor quality of air even if your AC is from top brand like Samsung,

  • If the filters of AC unit aren’t clean, they welcome allergens, as well as outside irritants into your home.
  • Most of the AC units re-circulate the indoor air for saving energy. It can impact indoor air quality negatively.
  • If basic maintenance isn’t taken care of, proper airflow can be restricted.
  • If the window units aren’t sealed well, they can allow outside air inside that can ultimately undermine working of the unit. As a result, it will have to work harder to maintain desired temperature in your house.

Quick and simple ways to safeguard your home from air pollution

  • Enhance ventilation

Most of the homeowners are habituated to keep their homes close all the time. Well, it can be a good practice especially when you have an AC that is running. However, when it isn’t running, particles can get trapped inside and can invite mold and moist air.

So, it is always good to keep air circulating. You can do it either by using fans or by ensuring that the filters are kept clean and are changed according to manufacturer’s suggestions. Ventilation is crucial at all times.

  • Using AC responsibly

Always check manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to changing or cleaning your AC’s air filters. Open the windows whenever possible to allow the fresh air inside and for flushing out the pollutants.

You can even have HVAC technician for performing maintenance checks at regular intervals. Moreover, it is recommended that you invest in a new unit of AC in every 10 years. Whenever the house is empty, make sure to turn temperature up or turning it off altogether.

  • Install HEPA filter

If your AC unit is specifically designed for handling HEPA filter, make sure to install one of those filters to enhance quality of air in your home. Another great option is using UV filter or getting UV purification system installed. You can even use protective shields as an extra aspect.

Well, if you too think that you are safe in your home since you or your family members don’t have any breathing issues, you really need to think again. With the help of the above tips, you are sure to keep contaminants away from your home!

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