Emotional Support Animal Registry

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but if you or a loved one suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder or other emotional difficulties, sometimes a special animal can make life more manageable and be that friend. A connection and bond are often formed between a person and their pet. For people struggling with emotional issues, an emotional support animal can be the best medicine, so to speak. But there is some prejudice against emotional support animals and their owners. For this reason, ESA registration (Emotional Support Animal Registration) is an option.

ESA Registration

Emotional support animals serve a different function than service animals trained for specific tasks to aid the blind or people with other impairments such as opening and closing doors, fetching medications, alerting to possible seizures, etc. The primary role of an emotional support animal is to provide companionship and a soothing presence when their owner begins to feel emotionally agitated and panicked. For ESA registration, a therapist or doctor meets with the owner and the emotional support animal for an evaluation. Observing the interaction between the owner and the animal, the therapist or doctor will make several assessments and then with this information fill out the application for the animal to be officially recognized as a registered emotional support animal.

Why ESA Registration?

For some people, they hold prejudices against emotional support animals and their owners. They’ve seen news stories where people seem to abuse travel policies to transport their pets. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that proof of certification that an animal is registered as a service or emotional support animal cannot be required to demonstrate that the animal has the legal right to accompany its owner, or that the owner meets the requirements for a person with a legal disability. The intent of this provision within the ADA is to provide people with disabilities their privacy.

This is where ESA Registration is important and be used as a tool. The emotional service animal registry provides a certificate that slides into a clear pocket on a vest designating the animal’s emotional support role. This provides the validation that the emotional support animal is performing a vital service. Although not required due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, having the vest and certificate allays concerns passersby may have, even at just a glance. The certification papers have all the necessary information about the emotional support animal. The certificate from the service dog registry also contains language from the Americans with Disabilities Act pertaining to service and emotional support animals.

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