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The Neighborhood Bar

Back in the 1980’s, the television show Cheers premiered on primetime TV. The show focused on a Boston neighborhood bar and the stories and camaraderie of the locals that hung out there. Throughout history you’ll find that even though many people lived solitary lives tending to their families and homes, whenever they were able, they would like to gather and socialize with others that lived and worked near them. These gathering places were the very early beginnings of what would eventually evolve into what we know today as the neighborhood or corner bar.

Advantages of a Neighborhood Bar

Neighborhood and corner bars have become a norm in many cultures, and there are advantages to being a patron or owner of a neighborhood bar. In many populated cities and towns, there is quite often many bars and restaurants to choose from. As a bar owner, it is advantageous to mold your establishment into the neighborhood bar because you can then guarantee a steady client base of ‘locals’.

You almost guarantee yourself a steady income from those who frequent your bar daily or weekly. Because neighborhood bars typically focus on the alcohol and not the food choices, it is easy for those bars to offer limited food choices. This is an advantage to the bar owner as it negates needing to have a large kitchen staff and costly food menu.

As a neighborhood bar patron, the advantages of patronizing your neighborhood bar are many. You will establish friendships with the other locals, enjoy the perks of having bar staff who know you so well that they can easily cater to your wants and needs, and you will always have a place that feels like a second home.

Finding Your Bar

In some places there may be a few bars to choose from that represent themselves as the neighborhood bar. When looking for a neighborhood bar in Avalon, GA, most patrons will of course want a place that is close to their home. They also want a place that offers food and drinks that they enjoy, and an atmosphere that makes them feel as though they belong and are a part of the group and are at home.

What makes some people feel comfortable can be very different from others, so having many choices for a corner bar in Avalon, GA, is desirable so that those with different preferences can find a place they like. There can be more than one neighborhood bar in a neighborhood. Once someone is able to find a place that they enjoy they will make it their hangout, frequenting it often to eat and socialize with other like-minded patrons.

While the food and beverages offered at these establishments is important, keep in mind when exploring neighborhood bars in Avalon, GA, that finding a place that makes you feel at home will make you content on the occasions you are not at home.

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