The Fisherman’s Paradise of Sailfish Alley

Sailfish Alley, off the Palm Beach coast, is a richly abundant fisherman’s paradise famous for the promise of catching sailfish of course, as the name implies. Sailfish are those fish with a long pointy nose and tall sail-like dorsal fin. They are often mistakenly called swordfish.

Treasured Fishing Area

This treasured fishing area runs along a natural reef system from Fort Pierce to Palm Peach where you can also catch king mackerel, wahoo, and mahi. If you own your own boat, after going out a few times to try your luck fishing in these rich waters, you may just start looking for waterfront homes for sale in Palm Beach County with a dock.

The ecosystem and temperature in the ocean here make Sailfish Alley a prime spot for hooking the hard-fighting, beautiful sailfish. Fluctuations in temperature and water density create places where predators like sailfish like to forage for food. The fluctuations cause the water to change color. Cold, green, heavy water becomes rich in nutrients, attracting large schools of fish. In the great cycle of the ocean, nutrients feed the plankton. And the plankton feed the sardines and herring, which feed the larger fish. These larger fish then that attract the sailfish.

Learn from the Best

Fishing expeditions will try their luck any day of the week if they have people willing to pay to take them out. But these guides know the best days for sailfish are the coldest days of winter. The best months are December through March. This is when the sailfish migrate through Sailfish Alley. The ocean swells created this time of year push the baitfish to the surface, where the sailfish can more likely be caught. But sailfish are known to be plentiful in in Sailfish Alley in the summer months as well.

When fishing for sailfish, trolling is the preferred approach. This allows you to cover a wide area of water. Most often sailfish are caught on live baits off a rod. Fishing expeditions will use a kite, which is a system of lines designed to attract the sailfish. But most people that fish with their personal boats will use conventional tackle. Besides live bait, people will use spinning tackle with live bait. This work by allowing the sailfish to swallow the bait and get the bait down into its throat.

To get the hang of going after sailfish, and you own your own boat, you may want to get the lay of the water by going out on a few fishing expeditions in Sailfish Alley. You’ll learn a lot from these seasoned pros who fish these waters almost every day.

Federal water are three nautical miles outside the shore. Under federal law you may keep a sailfish if you purchase a migratory species permit. Inside Florida waters you may keep one sailfish per person. The sailfish must be more than 63 inches long and you must have a Florida saltwater fishing permit. But as with all sport fishing, the thrill is in the chase and a catch-and-release policy should be followed so there are more fish for all.

If you own your own boat, after going out a few times to try your luck at catching sailfish you may just start looking for waterfront homes for sale in Palm Beach County with a dock so you can be close to Sailfish Alley.

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