Get the Facts on Car Transport Companies

Nowadays, with the internet, it is common to purchase cars and other large items from auction websites like eBay, or even from a dealer in another state. Although you may get a great deal, you still need to get that car from point A to point B.

eBay and other auction websites like Auto Trader have greatly enlarged the car restoration market. Prior to the internet, Auto Trader was the best source of used cars for restoration. Now Auto Trader is a greatly expanded website where you can buy new and used car for people as well as dealers. But back in the day Auto Trader was a magazine with a local edition published in each major market. It was the classifieds of used cars and each seller posted a short description and photo. The cover was in color, but the pages were in black and white. When you found a car, you were interested in you’d drive across town or a few towns over to look at the car. With the growth of eBay, Auto Trader, and other car purchasing websites, the industry of car transport companies has exploded

 What to Know

If you can be flexible on when the car is delivered, this may save you some money. Some car transport companies will charge less if they have a full transport truck. Also, logistics of where cars are dropped off is another cost they must consider. Perhaps, its worth it to you to save money to drive 100 or 200 miles to pick up your new car. When arranging for pick up and delivery, let the car transport company know this.

Car transport companies are required by law to obtain a motor carrier number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It is important to check with the car transport company you choose that they will obtain this number. This way you know the company is legit and follows all the rules.

The average time it takes to ship a car across country is two weeks. On the freeway you may have passed one of the open transport vehicles. This is the most common carrier. The vehicles are driven up on ramps and then through hydraulic lifts the cars are positioned for safety and tightly secured. Enclosed carriers are used when an extra care is needed for expensive or restored cars. For an open transport truck, on average as a rule of thumb, it costs $3.00 per mile to ship a car under 200 miles. It costs about $.80 per mile to ship a car more than 1,000 miles or more.

Depending on the car being shipped, you may want to ask the car transport companies you are looking at about insurance options over above what comes standard with your contract. The FMCSA requires that all registered transporters provide insurance information to their customers upon request.

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