Great Food and Drink in Sandy Springs

Finding a local bar is not hard; finding a real neighborhood bar in Sandy Springs, GA, is tougher. The best spot is a combination of good drinks, good food, good ambiance, and the right company. And one person’s idea of lining up that combination can be different than another’s. So the bad (or good?) news is that finding your spot may initially take time, so read more here about going about this endeavor.

Getting Started

Fortunately this journey is easy to begin – look for the online guides to offer up the names of bars or pubs. Ask your colleagues, friends, and locals what they recommend. Once you start gathering up some names, go back and ask about the specific spots.

Be sure to bring your desires into the conversation. If really good food matters, consider how the restaurant is preparing food – farm-to-table or freezer-to-microwave? If your go-to cocktail is a 7 and 7, the bar will be important, but if it’s a Perfect Manhattan with Routin Dry Vermouth, or something comparable, then find the very best bar you can. And while it is easy to get caught up in fancy ingredients, the bartender will make a difference as well. Watch how they prepare drinks, especially classics like a dry Martini. Finally if your drink of choice is beer, be sure they are pouring the brews you enjoy.


This is really important. A sports bar, for example, is often not the best place to relax and chat with friends. Dark wood, tufted easy chairs, and a smoking room is the other end of the spectrum. A couple of televisions, a bustling bar and dining area, plus friendly and helpful staff is more what you want to find. Finding that neighborhood restaurant in Sandy Springs, GA, along with a great bar should be a goal as well. In the current dining environment, good food is almost a given; and be sure to check out the bar fare, like chips, fries, or the house specials that make your bar search worthwhile on several levels.

Enjoy the Journey

This is one of those quests that should be a labor of love. Enjoy the process, keep an open mind, and drink responsibly while you are looking for a favorite neighborhood bar in Sandy Springs, GA, so when you find it, your return visit will be even better than the first one.

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