Hair Analysis: Learn more about Drug Testing Detox Shampoo

It is vital to start by saying that hair drug test includes a procedure in which professional administrators will take the specimen of your hair and analyze it so that they can determine whether you consumed illegal and prescription drugs or not.

You do not have to worry, because hair analysis can check out for the minimal amount of drug metabolites that will enter your hair follicles through bloodstream and sweat. It is the most efficient testing method that will help you determine the long-term drug abuse.

Since our hair tends to store a record of things that we consume and that enter our bloodstream, passing a hair analysis is much more effective solution than blood and urine screening, especially for long-term abuse.

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The window detection depends on the length of hair that administrators take, and have in mind that it can store everything you consumed until the last haircut.

Of course, labs will screen only for substances that you consumed in the last three months or 90 days because that is the most accurate way to determine the patterns of drug usage.

Since most substances will leave your bloodstream and body within a few weeks after consumption, that is why urinalysis and blood drug tests are not relevant for checking the patterns, since they can detect the presence only a few days after use.

How Do Drugs Enter Your Hair?

Everything happens through a bloodstream, which means that when you consume cannabis, for instance, the levels of THC will spike in matter of minutes after consumption. Therefore, your blood will be filled with traces of THC.

However, the metabolic process will break it down into THC-COOH, and this particular metabolite will become the part of hair follicle due to circulation. In approximately five to seven days after smoking weed, the new hair will start to grow with traces of THC byproducts.

In general, human head hair tends to grow approximately 1.5-inches per month, but everything depends on individual factors such as metabolic rate and many more.

Have in mind that window of detection can vary one to two weeks before and after the three months, based on the type of your hair. The other important factors include hair color, thickness, and ethnicity, which will all affect on everything that lab will find in your hair specimen.

Therefore, you should know that curly and coarse hair tends to grow slower than other types, which is why you will be able to lock in 1.5-inches of the sample more than 90 days of consumption.

On the other hand, thin, straight and fair hair grows faster than curly, which means that you will get lower window detection if you have blonde hair. You should click here to learn everything about THC.

What Will Happen If You Decide To Shave?

Remember that administrators can quickly test your head hair, which is the most common way of determining the presence of drug metabolites. However, in case that you are naturally bold or decide to shave your head, they will take the samples from other parts of your body.

At the same time, this will increase your chances of failing, since body hair tends to grow slower than head hair, which means that if technician takes 1.5-inches of body hair, that will have a longer window of detection and you may not pass it.

If you shave completely so that you can avoid hair analysis, that may be problematic. Every single lab will act differently in cooperation with your employer or law enforcement.

Some labs will fail you instantly and treat it as the way of tampering with the test by avoidance. On the other hand, some of them will request substitute screenings in the form of blood or urine tests.

Finally, if you do not have head hair, they will take the samples from your body, and if you shave entirely, that may cause issues with your employers.

Effective Ways to Pass Hair Analysis

When you search online for the best homemade remedy that will help you pass a hair drug test, you will find numerous examples and methods that may be successful based on testimonials.

However, since you understand the ways drug metabolites enter your hair, you should know that it is impossible to cleanse it by consuming supplements and drinking detoxification beverages that will mask the presence of drugs.

You can choose only two ways that will help you pass it with ease:

1.   Abstinence

The best and the most challenging way to give hair analysis is to stop with consumption, which will help you along the way. However, you need to have an extended timeframe with at least a hundred days of clean life so that you can pass it with ease.

When you reach the point of passing the 100 days after the last consumption, you have to make sure that your current hair does not feature the traces of metabolites. Therefore, you should cut your hair to 1.5 inches in length a few days before the screening.

The main problem lies in the idea that most people do not have that long to wait until the screening, especially if they are frequent users.

At the same time, it is vital to remember that cannabis is an exception to a hundred days rule because if you consume weed on a regular basis, you will need to wait at least four to five months of abstinence to pass the test.

The main reason for that is that heavy users will have THC inside the bloodstream up to a month, because it is fat-soluble, which means that it will linger inside your fat cells and released in small amounts.

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2.   Cleansing Product

Most people do not have a luxury of waiting for at least three months to cleanse their hair, which is why they are searching for alternative and methods that are more efficient in the short term.

Two most common ways are Jerry G and Macujo methods, and both of them involve using harsh chemicals that may affect the appearance of your hair afterward.

We recommend you to read everything about hair detox shampoos because these methods require invasive chemicals as well as Aloe Rid old formula that will penetrate your hair shaft and remove unwanted metabolites so that you can pass the test with ease.

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