Home Stucco Repair How-To

Stucco is a durable exterior covering for a house or rental property. The great thing is that it is virtually maintenance free. It never needs to be painted and that’s a big time and cost saver. The hard shell it forms over a house exterior will last decade after decade with little to no color loss or fading. Stucco is especially suited for repelling moisture. There are no seams, like with vinyl or wood siding for water to penetrate. It also withstands high wind as there is nothing for wind to get underneath and tear off. And stucco doesn’t absorb moisture like wood siding causing rot.

If you like the look of stucco, it’s the perfect exterior covering for a house. But there is one drawback. If a section gets damaged it is almost nearly impossible to exactly match the color. With the right stucco mix you can come close to a color match, and for a back wall of a house you can possibly live with that. But if the repair needs to be done on a visible part of the house, your only option is re-stucco the entire wall.

The Repair Process

Let’s say the damaged area is small. Perhaps your son or daughter backed the car into the side of the house and the bumper made an indentation. To repair, whomever you hire will need to cut out of the damaged stucco and wire mesh, and then go a little beyond that area to create a solid perimeter. Then they will add support pieces screwed into the perimeter of the hole and attach wire mesh. If you want a consistent color for the wall, your repair will need to remove the entire section of wall. Then add wire mesh over the entire surface.

In a mixing basin, cement, sand, water, and a mineral oxide pigment for the stucco color are stirred together. This is the base or dash coat and it is spread over the wire mesh. After the base coat has dried, three more coats need to be applied. These include the scratch coat, then the brown coat, and finally the finish coat, which all come from the stucco mix.

The scratch coat is applied one-half inch thick. Before it completely dries, the exterior surface is scored. This leaves small grooves for the brown coat to fill in and adhere to creating a strong bond. The brown coat is applied to the surface 3/8 inch thick. The finish coat is mixed in with the pigment of the stucco mix to achieve the desired color and is applied 1/16 of an inch thick.

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