The Importance of Mangalsutra that Every Woman Should Know

Marriage is a beautiful thing that god has created to fill the life of people with happiness. Marriage is coming together of two families and two souls. Traditional outfits, chants, rituals, relatives, food, gifts, beautiful wedding venue, music, dance what not everything makes Indian weddings very special. Indian weddings are also well known for their boisterous celebrations and lavishness. India is a place where people of different religion like Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and Sikhism live together. Besides, people from different cultures follow different marriage rituals.

When we speak about Hindu culture, the 5 important signs that show the marital status of women include bangles, mangalsutra, nose ring, toe rings and kumkum. Out of these five, mangalsutra has a great importance in Hindu marriages. It is not necessary that women should wear all these things after marriage. As there are a lot of women working these days, you may not find them wearing all these things. One of the sacred customs in Hindu weddings is tying mangal sutra to the bride. When a groom ties mangal sutra to the bride, it means that they are one now.

A mangal sutra is nothing but a gold and black beaded necklace with a diamond or gold pendant. As per the traditions in Hindu culture a woman should mangal sutra until the death of her husband. It is also said that this mangal sutra protects the newly wedded couple from the evil eyes. It shows their commitment and love for each other.

Types of Mangalsutras

  • Mangal Sutra Bracelet: Modern women who don’t want to wear mangal sutra on can choose these bracelets to look stylish. Most of the celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty generally use Mangal sutra bracelets. Even your better half will love this style.
  • South Indian Mangalsutras: The south Indian Mangal Sutras comes in different designs like with black beads, pendants etc. Mugappu Mangal Sutras have become quite popular in South India these days. Layered black bead Mangal Sutra designs are also very famous these days.
  • Diamond Mangalsutras: These diamond mangalsutras look very beautiful and elegant. Gift a diamond mangal sutra to your wife to show your love.
  • Gold Mangalsutras: Women who prefer traditional look can choose these gold mangalsutras. A gold mangalsutra looks very beautiful on women.

Buying a mangal sutra is very easy now as there are many online jewellery stores. You will be surprised to look at the amazing collection of dailywear gold mangalsutra online. Moreover, you can find these mangalsutras at a very affordable price online. However, before placing your order in any jewelry store online make sure that you do proper research.

Check the customer reviews of different online jewelry stores and place your order. The best of online shopping is that you will have some thousands of options to select from. Hence, you can do your mangal sutra shopping sitting at your home or office now.

Pick the best traditional gold mangalsutra for your wife today to show your affection!

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