Important Things That You Should Consider Before Replacing Your Roof

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Due to the presence of many numbers of homes and commercial properties, the need for roof contractors are increasing manifold. People are also utilizing their services for various repair work for their roofs too.

Following are few important things that you need to access in the condition of your roof, before you decide to call professionals for roofing Sydney.

  1. Cracking

If you ever notice any cracking in the shingles, then it will need immediate replacement and therefore you need to be vigilant about it.

2. Wind damage

A shingle which has been lifted because of wind can loosen your sealant or possibly the nail and replacement will be necessary.

3. Exposed nails

These exposed nails are likely to get rusted and as a result can cause leaky roof. Based on numbers of nails exposed and their duration of exposure will decide the roof replacement.

4. Granules missing

In course of time, roofs may lose granules, so whether you will require completely new roof will depend on your roof’s age and number of granules.

5.  Curling

If you notice curling in the shingles then it will be a sign of some bigger issues, such as leaking, and that means your roof replacement.

6.  Leakage

In case, you ever notice leaking roof, then you should not waste your time in fixing the problem as leaky roof may lead to structural damage.

7. Roof cement

If you ever notice that the roof has heavy “tar” patchwork then you must immediately fix it right, so that it does not leak and lead to interior damage.

8. No chimney Cricket

Any chimney cricket, properly installed can direct debris and water all around the chimney. In case, it is missing then ensure that it is there after roof replacement.

9. Missing kick-out flashing

This kick-out flashing will be critical where roof edge meets the sidewall. Without it, your roof runoff will flow down the wall which you may not notice for years.

10. Bad chimney flashing

Improperly flashed chimneys may cause too much of rotting framing members and roof sheathing.

11. Missing gutter apron

Having gutters but without any gutter apron for stopping the water will wick behind gutter. Eventually the soffits, fascia and roof sheathing too will rot.

12. Hail damage

If a large hailstone ever hits asphalt shingle, then it can always tear or sometimes puncture the shingle too. Get it inspected by a roofing contractor.

13. Damaged shingles

Any broken or damaged shingle will look ugly and can leak any time. Try to find a matching shingle and the repair can be straightforward.

14. Holes drilled for purpose

Often the tiny holes present in the shingles can be sneaky as they may cause rot and many other damages for years before it comes to your notice which is obvious signs of leaking.

15. Rusted chimney flashing

Various issues can occur around brick chimneys. Flashing around the chimneys can get rusted if it is of galvanized steel.

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