Know the Variants in Chains that Fits Perfectly with Any Type of Garment

Neck chains are the basic dress enhancing accessory. It may be made of multiple materials, however the most enchanting one are the chains made of valuable metals like gold, platinum, silver is an alloy made by mixing all the shining metals.

Why chain has gained popularity?

Since early ages chain is one of the original forms of jewelry worn both by men and women of all ages. Presently, it has been shaped in innumerable designs, each looking elegant, attractive and always enriches the appearance of the wearer.

Neck chains unlike other ornaments worn on neck are less expensive and go well with any color or kind of garment. The pollutants of the environment wouldn’t affect it much, hence best kind of jewelry item to be worn daily. Before you move on to buy chains, it is beneficial to know about different kinds of chains.

Variant in chain designs:

  • Cable chain – It is one of the most commonly worn chain types. Uniformly oval links are interlocked to form the traditional form of chain. Available in multiple variations in all jewellery selling shops.
  • Curb chain – The oval, rectangular or square links are little flattened to form an interlocked chain. Mostly joined with executively designed necklaces. It has a professional finish equivalent to the delicately carved necklaces with which it is attached.
  • Figaro chain – This trendy chain type isn’t formed of uniform flattened interlocked links of varied shapes of metal. Often worn by men as it is bold and looks best to be worn with all style of shirts.
  • Ball or bead chain – This traditional form of chain consists of small or big metallic balls connected with each other having a joint in between. The beads or the metallic balls can be linked closer or linked far to show the metallic design pattern of the chain.
  • Wheat chain – As the term suggests, the interlocking pattern of the chain is wheat shaped. It is prefect to be worn with a pendant.
  • Sleek chain – It is small compared to other kind of chains as it is formed by flat plates closely packed together. It is strong and best to be joined with the front part of the necklace.
  • Snake chain – The chain has wavy plates attached firmly having a smooth round look. The design goes well with heavy chains.
  • Herring bone chain – It has v shaped links arranged in alternating directions. Best to be patterned for heavy chains.
  • Rope chain – The links are twisted together to look similar to rope. It is one of the most popular chains as it is rigid and best for daily wear.
  • Marine chain – The pattern is similar to nautical chains. The oval shaped links have horizontal bar across the centre. The chains can be interlocked or have the links little apart.


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