Live Chat Services for Businesses

Large companies that have customers calling for trouble shooting and problem solving may want to look into a live chat answering service. This will allow problems to be solved efficiently and allows customers to reach customer service representatives from the comfort of their own homes. Services like this make all the difference to customers that are constantly on the go and may not have the time to visit the business or to be placed on hold for tens of minutes.

Pleasant Interactions

It can be quite nerve wracking for both customers and employees to solve a problem over the phone and even in person. It is very easy for vocal inflection and body language to be misinterpreted. For example, an employee may try to communicate information to the customer, but may accidentally come across sarcastic in doing so. This problem is eliminated when the employee is speaking with the customer through a chat. Customers can also save time by contacting a customer service representative through the chat via text message, desktop or laptop. This means that they do not need to travel to the business in order to speak with someone, nor do they need to contact a customer service line where they may be on hold for minutes before they speak to a live representative.


In the cases of issues that have to do with the internet or technology, a live chat answering service may allow the problem to be solved more efficiently. For example, if a customer is attempting to pay their phone bill online, but their internet is moving slowly, the transaction may be cancelled because the website has not gotten an answer from the financial institution quick enough. However, the customer can chat in with a representative through their mobile device that can help them pay their bill quickly. Since services like this require their representatives to have computers with a certain processing and internet speed, the representative will be able to solve the issue for the customer in a shorter amount of time. Similarly, customer service representatives are trained and walked through policies and procedures that the company may have. Having an in-depth knowledge of these policies and procedures can prevent bot the employee and the customer from pursuing solutions that will not work. Finally, if the issue is centered around technology, there is software that will allow the representative to take control of the customer’s computer in order to quickly locate and solve the issue.

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