Mass Shooting Survival Training: What To Do When You’re Attacked?

Statistically, there’s a mass shooting in the USA every day. People die in their workplaces, at school, in the mall, and any place where a large group of people might present at the same time.

This year, 19 separate cases of multiple deaths by a single gun were registered in which more than 80 people died. This being said, you need to understand that the mass shooting is a serious thing and you can never know when it is going to happen in your place of work. See some stats on this link.

Of course, this is not a constant threat and you shouldn’t go to work worrying about it all the time, but it’s good to know some things about how to act if this happens to you.

In this article, we’re talking about what you need to do when an attacker walks in your workplace or the school where you attend classes and you hear those gunshots firing off. Read on learn more!

If you have the chance – run!

That’s right, the first thing you need to do if you have the chance, you need to run. Don’t look back, just run toward the exit. Of course, before you start doing it, you need to know where you’re going. Try not to make yourself trapped in a dead-end and become an easy target.

Once you hear the shooting, instantly think of where is the nearest place that will get you out of the place. If you’re on the ground level, jump off the window. If that’s not the option, try to find the nearest exit that will get you to a different level or get you of the building, of course.

Encourage everyone around you to do it. Most of the people will be frightened so it’s up to you to save their lives. However, if they don’t want to come you shouldn’t spend too much time convincing them because with it you may be shot yourself. Tell them you know what you’re doing and if they can’t hold on to themselves, go alone.

There are amazing articles which can help you learn how to handle the situation,and some even have a video that explains why trying to get out of the scene is the best thing and in most cases is a lifesaver. Like this one –

When you’re trapped – find shelter

Sometimes the escape is not an option. Many buildings have only one entrance and you can’t get through by the shooter. If you try to run, they’ll see you and chances are slim to none that you’ll get away alive.

If you’re facing something like this, you need to find the best hiding place. Find shelter and a place where the attacker won’t be able to see you. Think about large objects, like closets or desks that are covered with materials perfect for hiding.

The shooter won’t be opening drawers, they are not there to steal, but to kill people. They won’t be searching for anything special so you can be sure that unless they see you right away, they are not going to open closets trying to kill everyone inside.

These people are not there to do something logical. Most probably their mental health is not perfect and they don’t even have contact with reality. They might even see you, but if you don’t move, they’ll simply go on with their rampage someplace else. That’s why it’s best if you find a good place to hide and let the storm pass.

Try to disarm them if there’s no other choice

In many cases, you won’t have the previous two choices. You’ll either die on the spot or try to disarm the attacker. If you’re on the open and they see you, you have very little chance. But, if you have walls or furniture around you, then your chances are much higher.

The shooter always depends on their gun and if you take that away from them be sure that it will be very easy to defeat them. Remember that this is not the time to be a hero but if you have no other options, then a hero is something you must be!

Hide behind anything and wait for the shooter to come. Take any solid object in your hand and use maximum force on them. Don’t hesitate to hurt or kill. It’s either you or them in this case. If you have mercy, be sure that they won’t. You’ll die because you were too weak to fight back. Don’t have mercy and hit them as hard as you can. Aim for the head and don’t stop until you see they are no longer moving.

Take the gun and fire with it if necessary. When you’re sure that your life and the lives of the people around you are safe, you can then drop the weapon and head for the exit. Make sure you don’t pose a threat when the police come. These guys are trained to shot and kill anyone who seems like a danger. If you’re seen with a gun in your hands you’ll be shot on the spot.

Make sure you get out with your hands up. Don’t make sudden moves until you’re officially recognized as one of the victims. Only then you can relax and tell the officials what happened.


You don’t have too much time when something like this happens. You need to act fast. If you start hesitating and if you don’t make a strong and determined move, chances are much higher that you’ll become one of the statics. You’ll be dead in other words.

If you’re aware of what’s going on and if you remember how to solve the problem, not only you can save your own life, but you can help many others too. Show them what needs to be done and guide them. They’ll be scared and paralyzed by fear. Offer your help and if there’s anything to be done, do it.

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