Picking Out Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing dresses for your bridesmaids can be one of the most difficult parts of planning your wedding. Your bridesmaids will be beside you during the ceremony and in many of the wedding photos, so you want them to look good. But, your wedding is your day, so you want to stand out when next to them. The solution is to choose bridesmaid dress styles that complement each other but contrast with your gown. And, you have to ensure that contrast makes your dress pop.


The first and most important thing to pick out is the bridesmaid dress color. First, narrow your choices down to colors that fit your wedding’s aesthetic. This will help the bridesmaids fit in with the decorations, which will help them blend in with the background. Then, limit yourself to colors that will make your dress pop. If you’re wearing a traditional white gown, darker colors are perfect. With one white dress among all the dark dresses, you’re sure to stand out. If you’re wearing a light-colored dress, dark colors will still work. But, if you’re wearing a rare and dramatic black gown, you’ll want to dress everyone else in light colors.


The bridesmaid dresses shouldn’t have the same style as yours in any way. The necklines, skirt types, and skirt lengths should all be different from yours. This way, your dress will be entirely unique. The differences in the skirts are more important than the differences in the necklines. This is because differences in the skirt are often easier to spot. If your dress is floor length, you should choose dresses that are shorter for your bridesmaids. Tea length dresses are perfect for this. So are knee length gowns. If you have a shorter dress, you might want to put the bridesmaids in floor length dresses.


The shape of the bridesmaids’ skirts should differ from yours as well. If you’re all wearing ball gowns or mermaid gowns, you’ll look too similar. Keep the skirt style simple and make sure the silhouette is very different. If your dress has a full, fluffy skirt, the bridesmaids should have a slimmer skirt. If your dress hugs your curves, give your bridesmaids skirts with some fluff.

Above all, trust your own eyes and instincts. Envision any bridesmaid dress styles you look at next to your dress. Choose what you think will help make you stand out while still keeping your bridesmaids looking beautiful.

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