Are You Planning to Hire A Family Law Attorney? A Few Tips

Have you decided to get professional legal help related to certain family issue? Many of you may hesitate to contact a lawyer just as you may think that their fees would be very high.

Though there is no straightforward answer for your question regarding any legal matter, therefore the cost of legal service may vary from case to case and also the complexity of the case.

Also, it will depend upon what is your relation with the lawyer vis a vis other cases are also being handled by that lawyer.

Therefore, when you get in touch with any family law attorney in Gig Harbor Washington you need to set up certain fee agreement based on the nature of services that is needed by you.

Now let us discuss in this post about what are the various things that you need to consider and what kind of questions you need to ask your attorney regarding the fees and cost about your case.

  1. Fee arrangement type

Your family law attorney can charge certain flat rate on hourly basis. You must also learn whether the lawyer needs the payment of retainer fee.

  1. Permissible costs type

Besides the fees required for the work of the lawyer, there are number of legal costs needed while practicing the law. All these also include the cost of making copies or doing any electronic research. You must know which costs will be borne by you.

  1. Estimated costs and fees

Though no lawyer can determine the exact time and effort needed to handle the case, however they can give you certain estimated fees and costs based on your case as per their past experience and knowledge.

  1. Frequency and detail

It is important that you must find out at what frequency you can be billed and also if interest or any other charges will also be included for unpaid amount. Any bill from the lawyer must include details about their services offered along with the cost of each item.

  1. Basic charges

In case the lawyer will charge on hourly basis, you must find out minimum billing segment. As an example, the lawyer can bill you for 6 minutes or a simple 3- minute telephone call. It is also important to know whether you can be billed for any work done by others e.g.  legal assistants, associates, or paralegals.

  1. Control

Also, it is essential to establish the extent of control you can have over your fees and expenses. As an example, you may need the lawyer for notifying you whether the expenses and fees reach certain amount.

Finalize the fee agreement

You must decide various terms and conditions by discussing with the lawyer and also get all these in writing. Usually, most of the established lawyers have all these available in pre-printed form.

You must read these agreements very carefully before putting your signature. In case you want to add or delete any of your point then the same can be done now so that you may not have any dispute later.

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