Re-energise Your Team by Spending Time Outside

Spending time stuck indoors in meetings surrounded by bland walls will do nothing for your team’s motivation, energy levels or creativity. Experts reckon that if you want to get the most from your team, you need to head outside.

Healthy Outdoors
Being outside is good for us. In addition to getting a boost of vitamin D from the sunshine, fresh air can waken us up, make us feel re-energised, and get our creative juices flowing. According to Entrepreneur, hosting meetings outside means you get a dose of nature without breaking from the job. Moreover, by removing yourself from familiar office surroundings, you can step out of the box and feel freer to brainstorm ideas.

Being surrounded by nature can also reduce stress, which can block productive thinking. It also lowers blood pressure and improves immune function. By the time workers return to the office, they usually feel much better. This can have a positive impact on motivation, concentration and productivity.

Re-energise Your Team by Spending Time Outside
Team Building
In addition to the health benefits to be gained from being outdoors and the boost to energy and creativity levels, outside meetings or work get-togethers are beneficial for bonding and team building.

In this more relaxed and casual environment, workers will feel more inclined to get to know each other and take on board new ideas or ways of doing things.

Outdoor Options
There are many options and opportunities for immersing your employees in nature. Perhaps the next time you have a team meeting scheduled, you could do this on the terrace outside or by taking a walk around the building.

If you’re holding a conference or hosting an event for clients, including some element outdoors, such as tea and biscuits outside during a break, will make the event more enticing and stimulating for attendees.


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