Renowned Marriage Counselors Can Tell Marriage Relationship is in Trouble

The signs of a couple heading for divorce can be easily understood by marriage counseling therapists. Unfortunately, there are very little chances that this kind of troubled relationship can be helped to solve the issues by even skilled couple counselors.

Know when your marriage is heading towards the end:

  • Not able to converse without arguing even for a minute. Always speaking aggressively, angrily and not even ready to hear what their spouse wants to say. Screaming at each other even in the presence of family members and guests, not behaving politely towards each other even before others and trying to avoid each other’s company while socializing in parties shows their earnest wish to lead life separately.
  • Always criticizing each other. The ill comments can be about their socializing, way of behavior, dress style and other activities. Always try to be superior than each other in every aspect, thus verbally they sneer at each other.
  • Their thoughts are quite opposite leading to conflicts. They can’t even converse without passing ill comments.
  • There is no trust between them. the feelings of deceit, cheating in every aspect and other misunderstandings erases the trust in their relationship.
  • There is no intention to have sex or even the desire to touch each other. Even if the partner prefers his/her partner don’t respond to the touch. Physical intimacy is essential element in keeping any married relationship bond strong.
  • While fighting violence acts are involved. Temper, tantrums, spanking and even showing anger at each other is signs of the married couple drifting apart.
  • They don’t share their thoughts, emotions or even family related matters with each other. In short, they have cut out emotionally with each other. Sometimes even they don’t express their anger towards each other.
  • One of the partner or both have extra martial affairs. Sometimes they get involved in their work whole time, showing less attention towards their married partner. Devoting time with family, children or with friends is neglected totally and this is an indication that the person isn’t enjoying his/her married life.
  • In some family, the married couple tolerates each other’s presence at home because of varied reasons like financial security, children or other obligations. Lack of affection towards each other, feeling of unwanted and absence of fondness for each other is sufficient to break a relationship.

They live alone, uncared and feel inclined to drift in opposite directions in life permanently is blocking every solution take to maintain the relationship between them. Sometimes they aren’t ready to discuss their issues which are spoiling their relationship. They don’t prefer to discuss with their friends, elderly family members or even don’t prefer to attend therapy sessions in marriage counselor office.

The expert marriage counseling Columbus Ohio counselors believe that married couples having difference of opinions and prefer to drift apart should consider that their children are emotionally getting affected which plays a great hindrance in their growth and mental development. It is like their whole existence is being questioned and the love which exists in the family slowly vanishes.

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