How to Repair Your Concrete Stairs

When building outdoor stairs, people often make them out of concrete. This material provides a rough, anti-slip texture even when the ground is wet, making it a better and safer option.

Although concrete surfaces are durable, they’re constantly exposed to the elements, and over the years, they get more brittle and prone to breaking apart and crumbling. It’s important to know how to repair them properly for this reason. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do that with rapid set concrete mix.

1. Remove weak material and debrish.

Get a small pickaxe or chisel and chip away at the damaged portion. Try to hit the surface with just enough force to keep the more solid, uncompromised concrete intact.

Next, get a wire brush and scrub the area to remove debris,and then hose down the section to wash away dust and smaller fragments.

2. Create a temporary mold and secure it to the stair.

Use a flat, even wood plank or a short, thick sheet of metal to do this. Get a heavy object, like a concrete block or a small boulder, and use it to push the plank support snuggly against the side of the step.

3. Prepare your concrete mix.

Mix rapid set concrete and water in a plastic pan, making sure that the amount of liquid is just right to turn the powder into a paste. Prepare only enough to cover the damage as this mixture dries quite quickly. You may make more as you fix the other steps.

4. Push the mixture into the damaged section.

Pour water on the section you’re repairing. Wear rubber gloves and grab some of the paste. Place it onto the damaged area and work it into every nook and cranny with your fingers to make sure there are no gaps between the old and new material.

5. Lay on the rest of the mixture, smooth it out, and let it dry.

Pour the rest of the concrete paste on top. Get a trowel and smooth everything out. Make sure the new portion is level with the rest and let it partially dry for a few minutes. You can now remove the temporary form, but do not use the stairs until you’re certain it’s no longer wet.

You now know how to repair your outdoor steps. Be sure to get good rapid set concrete mix from your local builder’s supply to help them last longer.

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