Reusable Bags – Ideas and Why to Use Them

With the ever-increased concern on global warming and environmental issues, both buyers and sellers are opting out for re-usable grocery bags. These bags were used in the past but many people are adopting it for environmental safety concerns.

Most of the business are also offering these bags as a promotional gift to their client and using it as a marketing tool. The demand for this bag has risen up over a period of time because of its useful and urban cool look.


Unlike disposable plastic bags these grocery bags are eco-friendly and manufactured with reusable technology. These bags are made up of a chemical substance called polypropylene. Therefore, on exposure to the environment the bonds decompose easily without releasing harmful substances into the environment.

Not only these are environment friendly but these can used numerous times. Apart from being useful to the environment it is also useful to the buyers. They are saving money on plastic bags and can carry it at any time of the day. Reusable bags are durable and are highly resistant to daily wear and tear compared to the plastic bags.

These bags in different types of colors and designs and can portray the nature of the person. Starting from minimal designs to fashionable icons these are great pick as day bags. It goes well with any type of outfits. Buyers can also buy them in wholesale and can get great deals. Moreover, you can also find totes in this material.

How to sell them for fund raising options

Sell as a single item or in bulk

These grocery bags are easy to make and are great fund-raising options for anyone. A person can never have too many of these bags. You can customize these bags as per grocery shopping, laundry and casual shopping by putting logos. This way a single customer can end up buying more than one bag. You can also give discounts upon ordering in bulk.


You can team up with the nearest grocery store and start giving custom grocery bags along with purchases. You can charge minimal at first, this will attract potential customers. You can also give them complimentary as a promotional tool for first few days for visibility.

Other methods

Since these bags are environment friendly you can incorporate them in various ways. You can also distribute these bags in a prize distribution ceremony. You can also make a goodie bag and sell them on your on during festivals and celebrations. The best way to sell the goodie bags can be both online and offline.

Keep a space for customization

These bags can also be treated as a gifting option. People always want to give their loved ones with a special touch. You can allow customizations through prints. You can print pictures or logos on the bags as the customer wants. Printing zodiac signs can also be a good idea to be treated it as a birthday present.


These bags are also great for organizing. You can pack anything in them or also use to pack extra necessary items. You can use them the way you want.

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