Say Cheese! Learn About 3 Different Types of Cheeses

Are you thinking of ways to add more flavor to food made from scratch? Brookhaven, GA residents can pay a visit to the grocer’s to scan through different ingredients. You can choose from a range of fruits, vegetables, and seasonings to bring out the best in your dish. But don’t ignore the dairy section! You might just find a gem or two there. Here are 3 cheeses that you should include on any shopping list.

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese, or chèvre, is made from goat’s milk. It comes in many types, with varying textures and flavors. You could have goat cheese that’s dense and crumbly, or oozy and creamy. When the cheese is still young, it has a strong taste that’s both tangy and earthy. Hints of sweet and buttery hazelnut and pleasant, grassy herbs can be detected in aged cheeses.

This cheese can be paired with many flavors, from earthy to sweet to salty. Slather whipped goat’s milk on an herby ciabatta and top it with berry-sweet figs and smoked bacon. You’re bound to go maaa-d for more!


Gorgonzola is mainly produced in Northern Italy. It belongs to one of the many blue-veined cheeses. Soft and crumbly, gorgonzola has a nutty aroma that doesn’t change over time. However, the same couldn’t be said about its taste. Young gorgonzola has a subtle flavor that’s sweet, salty, and buttery. As it matures, its flavors intensify, with the blue veins having a little more kick.

Gorgonzola goes best with fruits and vegetables. However, this cheese can also complement other flavors. Drizzle gorgonzola dressing over a bed of crisp greens topped with juicy tomatoes and grilled chunks of meat. Toss in bits of gorgonzola for good measure.


Without a doubt, this is one of the first that comes to mind when “cheese” is mentioned. Another cheese with an Italian provenance, mozzarella is a sure favorite among the young and old. Unlike most cheeses, for mozzarella, the source of milk and length of aging doesn’t matter. Actually, it can be eaten right after it’s made. Like most fresh cheeses, it has a soft, moist texture with a fresh, milky taste.

This is a versatile cheese, so, by all means, add it on anything, like a made-from-scratch meal. Brookhaven, GA residents can add a little oomph to burgers, for instance, with this cheese. The elastic and creamy mozzarella would go well with a slice of tender, juicy, and savory wagyu beef. Add salty and sweet pickles and sandwich it in a buttery sesame bun. Heaven, right?

Visit the cheese section of your grocer’s today to try out these cheeses. If you’re too hungry to cook, you can visit restaurants that serve food made from scratch in Brookhaven, GA.

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