Saying Goodbye to that Junked Car

Your son or daughter has just headed off to college and you don’t know what to do with that third family car. The car has more than 200,000 miles, the air conditioning doesn’t work, and the power steering is about shot. And your conscience won’t let you sell the car to an unsuspecting teenager. You’re not sure what to do.

Actually, there are a few companies who will buy junk cars in Florida. They come to you and tow the car away, and even pay cash which you can contribute to the college fund. You can research companies in your local area, and it doesn’t hurt to call a few to get different quotes. Some companies are part of a national network of car buyers.

When you call, a representative will ask you a few questions about your car such as make, model, mileage, accident history, VIN number, condition of the car, etc. Typically, they will give you a price over the phone or call back the next day with an offer. Then they will schedule a time for pick up. When the tow truck arrives, you will sign over the title. If you don’t have the original copy of your title you will need to contact your local department of motor vehicles and obtain a copy.

Where Old Cars Go to Die

Once your car has been towed away it will be stripped of all re-usable engine parts, seats and interior components, and body parts. There is a big market for re-usable engine and other car parts. Even batteries can be recycled and reused. Once everything of value for resale is stripped off the car, the metal that is left behind goes to a scrap metal yard. From the scrap yard the car is dismantled and sorted into steel, copper, aluminum, and rubber to be reborn in new car components.

A car or truck is the most recycled product in the world. According to Popular Mechanics Magazine, 95 percent of all vehicles are reclaimed. Compare that to 74 percent of newspapers, 51 percent of aluminum cans, and only 22 percent of glass that is recycled. When a car is recycled, the carpeting becomes air-cleaner assemblies. Recycled tires become brake pedals and floor mats.

So, when it’s time to say goodbye forever to that old car there are companies who will buy junk cars in Florida that will pay you some money and send the car off to be recycled into new car parts.

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