Signs and Signals to Replace Home Alarm System Batteries

Need for installing home security system is increasing because of escalation in rampant crimes and breaking in homes. Homeowners can gain peace regarding their family and belongings, especially when they are away from home. Install a reliable alarm system. Keep instruction manual handy, so that you can troubleshoot common issues and get information, whenever needed. Moreover, write down crucial details like existing master code, serial number and model number of the installed home security system to prevent future issues.

Common alarm setup scenarios including a control panel that operates on AC power has backup battery to deal with prospective power failures. Hardwired smoke detectors can have backup batteries. Motion detectors are battery powered as they need to be installed in isolated locations. Security cameras can be battery powered or hardwired or a combination of both. If your alarm system operates on batteries then changing them periodically is wise.

When to replace home security system battery?

Majority of manufacturers recommend to replace battery after every 3 to 5 years but advanced security systems can last for 7 years maximum. If you are not aware about, when your security system got serviced last then look for replacement batteries, when you hear signals and see signs indicating a weak battery.

Display warning code

Due to low battery, a code gets displayed on the LCD panel. For example, in ADT security systems several components operate on batteries. You can get zone trouble indicator, showing zone number with ‘low battery’ flashing on the alarm keypad. It can be either your door or window sensor batteries, which may be running out, so check the manual to find out which ADT battery is required – CR123A 3v or CR2032 and how many?

Beeping keypad

The first indication of several alarm battery failure is chirping or beep sound occurring at the same time at night or day. It is because automatic battery test of panels is done at same time in 24 hours. Replacing batteries as soon as you see the alert is crucial for top line security of your home.

Can possibly be false alarm?

False alarm can be due to unstable power source. If you get annoyed with false alarms consistently then replace battery after every three years. This scheduling decreases the frustrating episodes of false alarms. The most important thing to remember is to put the system in test mode prior you replace the battery because this too can trigger false alarm.

If you have basic familiarity with electric devices then alarm batteries can be replaced easily on your own. If you have concerns then hire professionals.

Is battery technology for alarm systems being improved?

Enhancement in battery life and energy outputs are being made consistently. Couple of decades ago, you would not get battery powered devices but enhancement in lifespan of batteries has made this possible. As technology develops, you can get more advanced control panels, which use less space and energy.

Today, security companies offer smart home security systems with cameras, video doorbells, digital door locks, etc. You can think about upgrading your home security system!

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