Simple Steps to Improve Your Home’s Salability

Are you planning to sell your home any time soon? Take the time to prepare it to make sure that you get the best price.

While it’s an excellent idea to remodel your house, some simple cosmetic improvements will help make it appealing to potential buyers. Here are some steps that you can do to increase your chances of a quicker sale.

Enhance the Exterior

Create an excellent first impression by updating your home’s exterior. You can start by checking and replacing missing fence boards. To make them look new, hire a professional in residential painting to apply a fresh coat of acrylic latex.

Make sure that the grass is mowed as well. To add color and create a homier atmosphere, plant some flowers in the garden. It would be best if you also clean up the trash that may have accumulated in the yard.


Sort the items in every room. Check for anything that you won’t be using in the next few months and send them to a storage facility. You should also get rid of any furniture pieces that make your home feel crowded.

Style the Bathrooms and Kitchen

The bathrooms and the kitchen are among the first areas that potential buyers check, and the ones they remember the most after a viewing. So, be sure to give these rooms some extra care and attention. You don’t have to remodel them entirely, though.

Consider changing the wallpapers to make the rooms appear new. The right backsplash can also create a difference in updating your kitchen’s look and feel.

Improve the Lighting

Proper lighting can help make any space more open and inviting. So, be sure to choose the right fixture to achieve that effect. For example, soft white bulbs with a yellow hue are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Brighter ones, on the other hand, work well in bathrooms and kitchens.


Neutral colors are the best options if you’re repainting your home with the intent to sell. They add a certain level of elegance to any room. But, don’t limit your choice to white or black.

You may consider gray, brown, or beige, depending on the overall theme that you want to achieve. If you need more ideas, consult a reliable contractor that provides house painting in Atlanta. Aside from helping you choose the best colors, they can also assist you in finding the most durable and aesthetically appealing products.

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