The Flair of the Solitaire

Solitaire- the noun that stems from the adjective solitary, used to describe the aloofness of solitude. Like the term, an island on its own. However, not every man can be an island on its own but it certainly seems to be true for jewellery. Yeah, I lead you on from grammar to talk about jewellery. People are familiar with solitaire rings as a choice for their engagement rings due to the simplicity and elegance it exhibits. In addition toSolitaire rings design, solitaire designs are incorporated in all kinds of jewellery to bring out the flair. Solitaire jewellery can be worn by people of all ages and gender. Today’s article is all about the glamour of solitaire jewellery.

Solitaire Necklaces

Nothing dazzles the eye of the beholder as much as a necklace does. Because necklaces are worn around the neck, it immediately catches the attention of people. Solitaire pendantsare perfect for enhancing the brilliance of an otherwise elegant outfit. Pendants can be worn as an accessory with any outfit however; they are best suited with one piece dresses. Solitaire necklaces also add distinction to office and formal outfits that is why solitaire pendants are hugely popular among business women who want to appear sophisticated and professional without the grandeur of heavy jewellery.The chain for your pendant is just an important as the central piece of diamond. It us recommended that you get a chain made from white gold or sterling silver as these metals are durable and their luster can only be matched by a diamond.

Solitaire Earrings

Solitaire earrings areclassical when accessorize with formal outfits. The combination of pendant and solitaire earrings is a perfect match thatincreases the splendor of any women who wears it. Teardrop and oval solitaire earrings are more preferred instead of round earrings because teardrop shape can add edge a little edge to your appearance while round earrings can make you look too plain.

Solitaire Nose pins

Different kinds of nose piercings have become popular in western culture as of late but theywere originally a part of eastern culture. Nostril piercings are sported by many young people and while most people wear small hoops in their piercingsthe allure that a solitaire nose pins brings out cannot be denied. A single diamond or other gemstones can cast splendid effect on your physiognomy and can make you look down right gorgeous.

Solitaire Bangles

Bangles sporting a solitaire diamond are uncommon nonetheless solitaire bracelet designs often include a solitaire diamond. Because bracelet is usually worn one oneach hand, it can look over the top if you wear too many bracelets on one wrist. Bracelets scan help you achieve an iconic look, they are perfect with evening gowns. If you are going to attend a formal party in an evening gown then a solitaire braceletcan make a fashion statement on your wrist. Make sure to get a perfect graded diamond bracelet that will outshine your rival. You can also get bracelets that have accent stone around it as well.

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