All About the Ticket to Work Program

For many people who have taken a leave of absence from work due to a disability or health concern, the thought of returning to their job or finding a new position sounds great. At the same time, the challenges of re-entering the workforce can make the entire process seem overwhelming.
Finding work can be difficult, and it often takes much more than just searching for positions on a job website and sending out your resume to a handful of potential employers.

The good news is that the ticket to work program for social security can help individuals who receive SSI and SSI benefits in their efforts to go back to work. If you haven’t heard of the ticket program before, here’s a glimpse at what it can offer in terms of career placement counselling.


The ticket program is 100% free for eligible adults ages 18 to 64 who receive social security benefits. As a participant of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with a service provider agent from an approved Employment Network, who can provide services produced especially to assist you in your efforts to find and sustain employment.

Career and Skill Assessment

Service providers and EN personnel can help you examine your professional skills and capabilities as they correlate with job listings and job criteria, which is especially helpful for individuals who aren’t sure how to begin after a break in employment and for those who are entering the job market for the first time. With this type of professional support, you can get a better understanding of how you can leverage the skills you already have built upon from previous jobs, volunteer experiences or apprenticeships to new job openings.

Variety of Support

In addition to a great bounty of professional service providers that participate in the ticket to work program for social security, another practical advantage is that many of them have specific specialties designed for people who are interested in certain types of employment opportunities. For example, some providers work with individuals searching for remote, work-from-home positions, whereas others assist people looking for self-employment opportunities or conventional office jobs. Even better, finding a provider that can meet your needs is simple with the use of the Find Help Tool, which allows you to search over 500 service providers and refine your results in accordance to selected criteria such as location, type of services, and employment specialties.

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