Tips for Traveling With Your Emotional Service Animal

Are you planning on traveling with your emotional support animal this spring? Fortunately, it’s not too complicated to do. However, this usually depends on your airline of choice. To learn how to more easily travel with a service pet, here are a few tips to follow.

Contact Your Airline

It’s crucial that you first contact the airline that you plan on traveling on. This is because they might have a list of restricted breeds they don’t allow, but you may have some wiggle room due to your pet’s emotional service animal status. Once your pet has been approved for travel on the airline, you can book you and your pet’s seat.

Book a Seat for Your Emotional Support Animal

If you have a large pet, you should consider booking them a seat on the airplane as well. Although this also means a higher cost for your trip, it sure beats trying to fit your pet on your lap, which typically isn’t allowed anyways. Once you and your pet’s seats are booked for your upcoming flight, you should start considering what emotional support animal (ESA) gear to purchase, so other passengers know they’re on duty.

Dress Them In an ESA Vest

To let other passengers know your pet is an ESA, you should plan on dressing them in an emotional support animal vest. Fortunately, these vests don’t cost much and are easy to dress your pet in while on duty. Plus, it helps with explaining to surrounding people that they shouldn’t distract your dog. Typically, these vests go for around $50 and can be bought from ESA registry websites.

Pay Attention to Your ESA While Traveling

While traveling, you should always pay attention to your emotional service animal. Your trained ESA will know what to do if you’re feeling anxious or if you’re showing symptoms of a medical condition. Although you may think your pet is just acting strange, it can mean so much more. Especially when flying, at least half of your attention should be directed towards your emotional support animal.

There are a few steps you should take to ensure you and your emotional support animal are ready for travel this spring, from contacting your airline to let them know about your ESA to purchasing an emotional support animal vest for your pet to wear. Get started today by contacting your preferred airline and ensuring your ESA is approved for travel.

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