Top 5 Startling Experiences Exclusive To South India

India as a whole is a collage of vivacious culture and streamlined enthusiasm. Individually, the components which make this country a traveller’s dream offers mammoth opportunities to explore a culture like never before. One such component is South India. Once would expect that a landscape which has thorn deserts, highest mountain peaks in the world, wildest forest can still offer something which can at the same time make anyone wonder. Fortunately, the south has. Let us dive into some of the most amazing features of this mainland :

1. Gokarna
Forget Goa! Gokarna should be your next go-to-beach. The place is highly undervalued of what it offers to the wanderlust inside us. It falls fittingly between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats giving an array of water sporting experiences. This is probably India’s least commercialized beach. So, while it lasts its position, make the most of the peaceful evenings in the dearth of the mass public. The place soothes the very soul inside you with its euphoric natural magnificence.

2. Hampi
Given the advancements of Karnataka in the IT sector, people often take it as a brick and mortar where artists and travels must not waste their precious time. Little did they know about a place called Hampi. Hampi was the capital of India’s only Hindu dynasty during the Mughal Empire, the Vijaynagar Kingdom. The royals of the kingdom were very particular about their architecture and made over 500 monuments. The ruins are still intact and the remoteness of this place from Bengaluru or any other big city adds to the enchantment.

3. Pondicherry
This place is always at the fingertips of any passionate traveller. Reasons are plenty. The lighthouse beach adventure can be your epic moment beneath the stars. The interiors of this place still strongly resound of the fact that it was once a French territory. The culture has been steady since the 19th century. The zesty food will delight your taste buds. Also, while you are exploring Pondicherry in its histories and mysteries, do give a visit to Auroville. The place is spiritual equivalent to what we find at the Himalayas.

4. Maharajas Express Train
Here comes the honking of India’s most luxurious train – Maharajas Express Train. The train offers an insightful tour of the south of India. But what amazes people is the extra ordinary treatment one gets inside the cabins of Maharajas Express Train. It perfectly complements the mood of the trip with its astonishing and jaw-dropping royalty. Guide yourself into the blissful enigma of travelling in a tour of Maharajas Express.

5. Kanyakumari
Moments of adoration will whisk past you once you bring your mortal body at Kanyakumari. The Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean all three confluence to form a celebration of nature. It is one of the few places on earth which capitulates on its build-up charisma and translates the same into your heart and mind. The sun hugs you in the form of a forgiving sunrise and lets you sit on its lap with a glitzy sunset.


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