Top Tips to Boost Your Chances of Cracking A Phlebotomy Interview

It is a common misconception that phlebotomists require just the knowledge of drawing blood from patients. Phlebotomy goes beyond knowing where to draw blood from. It is very important for healthcare professionals to ensure patients are in a good mental state before proceeding with the test.

Being a phlebotomist requires not only medical skills but also calls for compassion, perception and good communication skills. With increasing demand for phlebotomists more people are interested in pursuing it as their career. Understanding the techniques involved in clearing interviews will help you secure a stable position as a phlebotomist in the health sector.

Your resume speaks a lot:

Include any experience you have with healthcare industry particularly where you directly dealt with patients. Dual competencies with experience in both human phlebotomy and veterinary phlebotomy give an extra edge to clear the interview. Attaching phlebotomy training completion certificates and other linked documents can favour you over other candidates.

If you haven’t undertaken any curso de flebotomista, visit the website of International Training careers for more information. Their educational programs provide students ample training to function in the health sector. Being a certified phlebotomist is a proof of your efficiency and knowledge.

Elaborate about the Training undertaken:

Mention all the past trainings undertaken during your interview. Talk about what stirred interest in a particular subject.  Share anecdotes of classes you loved.

Describe clinical skills:

Clinical skills being the most important part your job, it is necessary to be prepared to make a practical demonstration if the situation demands it. If you find yourself in such a situation, handle it in a nonchalant way just like how you did it in your practical training sessions. This allows the interviewer to witness your practical expertise and your knack in handling patients.

Before you attend your interview, spend time preparing for the questions you are likely to encounter. Do a research about the firm/institution. It gives the interviewers the impression that you are committed in joining their firm.

Some common interview questions are:

  • Why did you choose this field? Since phlebotomy is an underrated career, they may want to know why you had an inclination towards it. They expect an honest answer.
  • Tell us how you soothe an upset child? Most kids are unnerved to get their blood drawn. A phlebotomist should know how to calm them.
  • What if you are unable to find a vein? It is tricky locating a vein if the patient is hydrated. Usually two attempts are allowed before you request for assistance. Check beforehand the policy followed in the firm.
  • How to do motivate yourself amidst monotonous tasks? Many may find it hard to stay motivated and don’t strive to produce top quality work. You may talk about how every individual is entitled to quality health care and it is important for you to ensure the same.

As per statistics phlebotomy vacancies tend to rise at the rate of 34.5% in the upcoming years. With such a stable long-term job on the cards, it is no doubt a great career option.

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