Few Useful Tips to Help You Plan Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinner is an important event in a wedding as it marks the beginning of celebration moments. It is usually organized a night before the wedding day by the parents of the groom. The main participants of the dinner are the families of bride and the groom along with their friends. This pre wedding merry making event helps both the family to know each other in the midst of pleasant relaxed evening hours.

The dinner held after wedding rehearsal is actually a traditional affair, paving way to start the celebration with full enthusiasm. However, to make the event special to the couple, it is necessary to make special plans and arrangements.

Here are few helpful hints for them to consider:

  • Time of the dinner:
    • Usually, held before the wedding day and after the wedding rehearsals is done. Presently, people like to organize it two days before for them to relax and de stress before the wedding.
  • Venue:
    • Decide the venue. It should be perfect place for your guests and family members to have a pleasant evening before facing the chaos of activities the next day. It can be in open garden resort, beach side hotel or in any picturesque spot. Restaurants having lawns will be the best choice. If you live in Minneapolis or nearby, one of the best venues is Watson Block. The ambience and catering of multi cuisine exotically prepared food speaks volumes about their chef’s culinary skills.
  • Prepare the guest list.
    • Not only the family members, your relatives and close friends will be invited, thus it is best to note their name and contact details. Helps in inviting as well you are able to arrange the event in accordance to the number of people planning to attend in the evening.
  • Tone of arrangements:
    • There are various ways you can arrange, thus need to decide. You want it to be a theme party, like to have dress code, need everyone on the dance floor dancing to the heart throbbing music or you want it to be a casual affair. Most couples prefer it to be a casual dinner providing all the comfort to their guests in the background pleasing music to be heard, seating arrangements like open settings are done suitable to chat in the night hours.
  • Food:
    • No party is fully complete without the superbly cooked delicious food. You can arrange gourmet meals, continental food, local special dishes, barbeque goodies or mix of all.
  • Make sure to arrange the audio system.
    • Passing the microphone is a common affair in every rehearsal dinner as family members and guests like to toast and prefer to say few words praising the to be wedded couple and bless them. Thus, it will be right to do the arrangements in advance.

Make it a fun party for everyone to enjoy and remember the moment for lifetime. To make it more memorable you can buy thoughtful gifts for everyone. Moreover, while planning your rehearsal dinner, there are ample chances for you both to be close together and cherish the pre wedding moments.

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