Various Types of Crystals Available That are Used For Chandelier

All modern chandeliers as well as ceiling fixtures often use crystal glass almost in similar way. Any crystal chandelier can create certain visual focal point which draws the eye to suggest a romantic and magical intimacy which any other kinds of lighting simply may not able to reproduce.

Following are various types of crystal that are available for such kind of application.

  1. Strass crystal

This crystal is highest quality throughout the world and manufactured in Austria.

It is considered a premium brand due to patented anti-dust coating which is an invisible type of optical coating to make it easier for cleaning and maintaining.

  1. Gem cut crystal

Egyptian, gem cut, spectra lead crystal that are made with 24 to 30% lead oxide will be the best refractive crystal. You will not find any noticeable difference between 24% or 30% machine-polished type lead crystals.

Using lead can improve clarity and can soften glass for cutting.

  1. Turkish crystal

Turkish crystal uses mixture of oxides that is other than lead, e.g. soda ash, for achieving high optical clarity as well as refraction of light which closely rivals a full-lead crystal.

As per EU any glass must contain minimum 10% oxides for carrying the label “Crystal”.

  1. Murano glass

This glass is made in Murano Island in Italy and it combines sand, quartz, soda, potassium along with lead oxide at high temperatures.

Glass will be blown and stretched with hand and allows artisans to create very delicate floral and few other unique shapes.

  1. Wood-polished crystal

It involves few labor-intensive processes to create wood-polished crystal, which is first cut simply by using hand in 2 stages, first on iron, next on sandstone grinding wheels.

After that each crystal will be polished on certain wood wheel that having marble dust.

  1. Italian crystal

This type of lead-free crystal can be used for antique reproductions in order to accurately reproduce antique, as lead crystal was not invented before 17th century.

This Italian crystal is from historic glass-making region that is around Venice and it has got look all its own. This crystal is fire-polished and molded rather than machine or hand cut, that results in beautifully subtle luminosity.

  1. Lead free crystal

This type of machine-polished and lead-free crystal can be the nearest quality level to a Strass crystal that we discussed above. High-quality machine polishing will leave no trace of polishing on facets of crystal.

While this can be less expensive as compared to Strass crystal, there are few who may argue that handcrafted nature this crystal can elevate it above any machine-made crystal.

  1. Chinese crystal

They are made by soda, sand and lime all heated in furnace, after that pressed. Such glass is very inexpensive. These Chinese crystals will be cut and polished more like expensive grades, however lacks high optical quality and also precision facets.

  1. Aurora borealis crystal

Usually any clear crystal requires direct light for creating lovely rainbows effect, while Aurora borealis crystal will look beautiful without direct light too.

The treatment for Aurora borealis is applied to prism’s one side and looks almost like multi-colored rainbow, reflected through this prism.

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