What is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

You need a new sedan… but do you really need a new one, or just new to you? It would be a mistake to think that all new cars are great and all used cars are old and beaten up. This could not be further from the truth! Many times, a used sedan for sale is still a great car!Buying a used car does not always mean saving money but getting a lesser product. It is time to learn all you can about Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Certified Pre-Owned cars are low-mileage used vehicles that are backed with warranty coverage and other extras by the original manufacturer. Though they typically cost more than other used cars, they aren’t as expensive as new models. These come with the assurance that you are getting a quality, thoroughly inspected SUV. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles have been inspected, refurbished, and certified by the manufacturer or other certifying authority. You will know for sure that this vehicle is high quality! Some Certified Pre-Owned vehicles even have an extended warranty, special financing, roadside assistance, and other added features. Consider the following:

#1 You’ll get a warranty. If you asked many people why they don’t want a used car, they would say it’s because they don’t want a car that’s going to break down. Certified Pre-Owned cars come with warranty coverage, which covers the vehicle if something breaks. These warranties are similar to one you would get if you purchased a brand new car.

 #2 They are inspected. Having a warranty is great, but you should know the event that something needs repair is very unlikely. That is because these vehicles have passed a multi-point inspection. Since the manufacturer offering the CPO car is responsible for any repair costs during the warranty period, they have a great incentive to make sure the vehicle is in tip-top shape before it goes on sale. The inspections typically cover all of the vehicle’s mechanical and electronic components, tires, and shocks. The car is scrutinized for damage and any excessive wear. If a car does not meet the standards of the inspection, it will be repaired so that it can be approved.

 #3 You can get a better financing deal. Have you ever noticed that financing rates for new cars offer much better interest rates than used cars? This is because banks worry if your car breaks down before they’re paid back in full, you’ll stop making payments on it. This isn’t the case with a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. Manufacturers frequently offer low-interest financing deals on this type of used sedan for sale in Wallingford, CT. By paying less in interest, you can save thousands on the total cost of buying the car.

So, do you need to settle for something less than great when you are looking for used sedan cars for sale in Wallingford, CT? No way! Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are just as good looking and safe to drive as something that’s brand new, without the high price tag attached.

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