What Style of Hat Are You?

Wearing hats, for both men and women, were a thing of the past, but they are making a huge comeback. About the mid-Twentieth Century, you were classified by the particular style of hat you wore. The rich, or upper class, would wear a top hat when dressing formally, or a homburg for a semi-formal look. If you were in the middle class, you might be seen in a bowler, or derby style hat. The blue-collar man usually wore a flat cap with a brim. Around the early 1960s, dress became more casual, and hair styles changed dramatically. Long or fluffy hair styles were squashed by hats. When the top went down on a fast convertible, the wind would blow the hat off the head. Fashion trends come and go. Now it is the return of the hat, and you can find men’ s hats for sale online.

Hats in Fashion

It’ s become cool to wear a hat. The trend started a few years ago when several actors, actresses, and famous singers made wearing hats their fashion statements. There are even runway fashion shows for hats. There are many styles of hats to choose from, and just as many fabrics. Some of the hat styles then and now: Top hat, homburg, fedora, boater, Henschel weekend walker, cowboy hat, bowler, captain, Stetson, Tyrolean, ascot, baggy green, Balmoral, beanie, and bucket hat. Some hats are adorned with metal eyelets for ventilation, and a corded or braided hat band. You might even see feathers, flowers, or the brush of a goat’ s beard attached to the hat band. Some of the best hats for men can be found online.

Materials Used to Make Hats

The homburg is silk-brimmed, black felt, though it is sometimes found in lighter grey. The fedora has a soft brim and an indented crown. Some of the fabrics of choice are wool, cashmere, rabbit or beaver felt blended with mink, chinchilla or mohair; straw, cotton, hemp, linen, and leather. The boater is made of straw with a grosgrain ribbon hat band. Cowboy hats are often made of felt, straw, or leather, and have an ornate hat band. The Henschel weekend walker is 100% leather, with a braided leather hat band and chin strap. The bowler is made from felt. Beanies are sometimes leather or silk. Bucket hats are made with heavy-duty cotton, canvas, denim, or wool tweed.

Hats Are Back

The hat industry was booming up until about the mid-1960s, with about 180 major manufacturers in North America. Today there are about forty-nine. As our culture became more casual in dress code, wearing hats went along the wayside. Clothing that was normally worn for working became trendy. Denim jeans were mainly for farm work, but now almost everyone wears them, and they are even embellished with embroidery and bling. Wearing hats has become the comfortable, casual, and stylish look that many people want. You can find many of these men’ s hats for sale online.

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